Thursday, June 09, 2005

First taste of Summer!!!

So, yesterday after my post, I went back to bed until I got a call from Brooke. I got up, got dressed and met her at her dad's house to go swimming. We spent all afternoon floating around the pool in floats, soaking up the sun. was a much needed mini-vacation. Even though I wore sunscreen, my arms and forehead got pretty burnt, but not too painful. I'll be tan by Saturday. Woo!

Her dad was awesome though! He's a very down to earth, no nonsense kind of man. He won't let his kids do anything b/c he'd rather do it himself..he kept saying.."I don't have time for you kids to be messin'. All you do is mess." LOL..I thought it was pretty funny. He's just a fun guy who basically raised all 11 of his kids on his own and sacrificed a lot to give them what they needed. Everything at their house he built on his own for the most part. The additions to the house, the pond, the barn, the sheds, the walkways, the trellis's, the fences, the rock's a lot for a man to do on his own. He wouldn't even let anyone help him with the new fence he was putting up around the pool. He retired in 98 from the railroad where he worked for 30 some odd years and just piddles around the house. He still has 5 kids living at home, 2 of which are old enough to be on their own but won't. One's just started college, the other is 11 and the 3rd one is 18, but he's mentally challenged and has the mind of a 6 or 7 yr.old. He's been in a lot of trouble lately because he does stuff he knows is wrong, but can't help it. Her dad is the most hard working man I think I've ever met. I liked him instantly.

Anyway, so after swimming all afternoon, I called Jeff and Brooke called Mike and we all met up at Elois's for dinner. I think Jeff really liked Brooke's dad too. Mike didn't say much through dinner and Johnathan, the mentally challenged adopted brother kept trying to talk Jeff into playing basketball. We did end up going back over to the house for a bit, but Jeff never got to see the inside of the house. We stayed longer than intended because Brooke's dad is a bit of a talker..which I didn't know until after dinner. He was gone most of the time I was at the pool. Elois's was quite tasty if I do say so myself. Just a little diner in Bear Creek with homecooked food. Seafood, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and stuff like that. Jeff and I split a banana split that was reallllly yummy. I have a feeling we'll be going back there again! Jeff wanted to get back here to do homework, but we don't socialize enough, so I'm really glad he went. I like meeting interesting people.

Ok, well I have some errands to run, so I should get going. That way, I can come back and hide from the heat by laying around in here!

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