Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Holy Crap!!

No freakin' way....From www.nbc17.com...

Muslims Protest Indonesian Transvestite Pageant
POSTED: 2:38 pm EDT June 27, 2005
UPDATED: 2:41 pm EDT June 27, 2005
JAKARTA, Indonesia -- A transvestite pageant in Indonesia has drawn angry protests from a Muslim group.
Slideshow: Muslims Protest Indonesian Transvestite Pageant

Transvestite Pageant Draws Protest

The Miss Waria 2005 pageant was held openly for the first time last weekend in Jakarta, attracting contestants from all over Indonesia.
Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation.
"Waria" is an abbreviation for the Indonesian words "female" and "male."
The pageant only allowed full-time transvestites and transsexuals. No cross-dressers were allowed.
Thirty finalists took part in Sunday's grand finals, but the historic event did not go as smoothly as organizers had hoped.
Hundreds of Muslim protesters gathered outside the pageant and demanded that police stop the event.
One muslim protester said Allah would punish Indonesia with a second tsunami if police failed to break up the pageant.
The demonstration eventually ended when the pageant's lawyer informed the mob that event organizers had received a proper permit from the city.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday's Theme Song

This is today's theme song..as heard on 96 rocks out of Greensboro. It can also be heard here and is sung to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club theme song.

What's the worst day of the week that gets us all depressed? M-O-N-D-A-Y S-U-C-K-S
Here comes more aggrivation and a brand new week of stress, M-O-N-D-A-Y S-U-C-K-S
Monday Suuuucks. (Monday Sucks!) Monday Suuuucks. (Monday Sucks!)
Forever will it make you want to cry (Cry! Cry! Cry!)
So come along and sing this song and get it off your chest..
M-O-N-D-A-Y Sss-Uuuu-Cccc-Kkk-Ssssssss!!

I wholeheartedly agree!!!!!!!

D.C. Rocks

Yawwnnn. What a long weekend! It was awesome though. The drive up was made long b/c of all the traffic on I95 once you hit Quantico. We left our house around 8:45, dropped the dogs off and hit the road. Our only delays were the McDonald's in Sanford and the traffic on I95. The ave. speed on 95 is 85-90 mph, so you really have to pay attention. We saw a few things on the way up there that are worth mentioning. We saw a man on the side of the road who was so fat he didn't even know his pants were pulled down below his butt...so we got an eyeful of sweaty, fat crack. If only I could poke out my mind's eye!!! I also saw a fat woman on a motorcycle who only had one usable arm. The other was shrunken and deformed. That one laid in her lap while she steered the motorcycle with the other one. Jeff doesn't believe me. He thinks I'm making the whole thing up. It was a black or dark blue motorcycle and she was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. She also had a matching helmet to go w/ the bike. I know I saw her...but even when I looked back for her..I didn't see her, which didn't help my believability level.

Anyway, we got to our hotel in Rockville, MD and I took an hour nap before we had to be at Maggiano's in Bethesda by 6pm. We were there for Justin's surprise 30th B-day party and he was truly shocked to see us. Dinner was incredible!! I highly recommend the 4 cheese ravioli in pesto sauce, the creme brulle and the Parmesan garlic bread. OH, and the Caesar salad rocks too. We were absolutely stuffed. After dinner, Justin's girlfriend Sarah planned for all of us to go to Dave & Buster's. The easiest way to describe it is a giant Chuck E. Cheese for adults. A massive arcade with alcohol. You don't even have to leave the game you're playing..they bring the beer or marguerita to you...pretty sweet. I mostly watched Jeff play games but there were a few I played. We got back to the hotel around 1am and just crashed.

Sunday morning, we got up around 8 to check out and go meet Justin and Sarah. We went to an awesome little market near his apt. at 6th and Mass. and got yummies for breakfast. To die for cheese danishes and apple fritters!! Not to mention the little mini toll house cookies!! We then went to a little local coffee shop and Jeff got me the best iced chai I've ever had. We also went through a small flea market and walked through the park back to our car and headed out to sight see. It's much better seeing it when you're with a local who knows about more of the obscure out of the way memorials that no one else ever notices. Like the Einstein memorial..it was really neat if you ever get to go. We went to the Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial and saw the Capitol, White House, Wash. Monument, Union Station, Embassy Row, some of the Smithsonian Museums and lots of other neat bldgs. Oh..lets don't forget the 5000 Starbucks coffee houses on just about every corner.

FDR's memorial was very interesting and beautiful. Lots of granite and waterfalls that gives his lifestory from the beginning of his presidency through WWII and the depression. Very much worth seeing. Embassy row is also something everyone needs to see. The architecture that goes into these buildings is just phenomenal. They just don't make buildings like that it anymore and it's a shame. We took a ton of pictures and then made it back to Justin's apartment which is small..but very cool and trendy. Big windows, a loft living room, hardwood floors and skylights. It needs some TLC, but I really liked it...it had a lot of character. I really enjoyed hanging out with them and would love to go back soon to see some of the memorials at night. I think we may go back in Sept. or Oct. when the leaves are changing and it's not quite as hot.

After saying our goodbyes we got back on the road and basically hit a brick wall on I95. We just sat there...so we got off on US1 and bypassed everything. We got gas in Woodbridge and stopped and ate at Five Guys Burgers..another yummy place to eat. For FYI...the regular burger..is TWO patties and the regular fries are massive!! So..if there's 2 of you, each of you get the little hamburger and split one thing of fries and you'll be good to go! After lunch, it was about 4pm when we headed out of Woodbridge...and we had to pick the dogs up by 6 or 7 and we knew we weren't going to make it. We called Terri and agreed that if we got there by 9pm, we'd go ahead and pick them up..if it was after 9, we'd pick them up in the morning. We busted ass and got to her place at 8:45. Shew!

When we got home, we got something quick to eat, unloaded all our pictures into the computer and then went to bed. I slept all of last night and most of today...and I'm still tired. Very well worth it in my opinion...even though my checking account is hurting pretty badly. I hope we can recover!! Ronnie and Misti didn't make it because their kids are sick..and Kyle was feeling well enough to make the trip, so it was good to see them too. I didn't know anyone else, but it was still fun. So to sum up...D.C. rocks and I had fun. =)

Friday, June 24, 2005

Prison Problems

Ok, so I've been giving some thought to the prison situation here in the U.S. The population is outgrowing the prison space, so we're having to build more prisons. While we can't prevent people from committing crimes, there are some solutions. Well, first of all...I need to state that I am for capitol punishment. Some people just deserve to be killed. I also need to state that Jeff disagreed with my solution..even though it's way out in left field and would piss a lot of people off. Realistically, it'll never work and there's a lot of holes in the plan...but it's still a good idea.

We should give everyone in Australia a year to find somewhere else to live and then turn Australia into a giant prison colony. Historically, that's what it was anyway...so it seems fitting. We wouldn't even have to put them in confined cells. We could just let them all run around and kill each other...so the problem's solved!! Plus, if they tried to escape, where are they going to go? They're surrounded by shark infested waters. If they tried to leave..I'd just look and them and say.."Go ahead."...then I'd make bets with other people as to how far he'd make it before he got eaten or he drown. Hopefully he'd be a pedophile who was just badly mauled by a shark and would pray for death long before it found him. Oo..or maybe be molested by an octopus or a swordfish. Eeewwww..how gross would that feel having your ass penetrated by a fat squid tentacle after he'd made you his bitch?!

Anyway..There are a lot of holes in the plan though. It'd have to be all male or all female because otherwise you'd just be breeding a total criminal population. Unless you had them all fixed. Also, if you let them run around and kill each other, there would be no way you could have guards to monitor them...because they'd get killed too. Without guards, you'd have no way of knowing if they built a boat and escaped w/o being eaten. I'm sure there's other holes in my logic, but it's too late to think of them. I mean come on...I'm talking about being raped by a damn squid! I need to go to bed..shew! Alright, I guess I'll make like a bread truck and haul buns!!..I'm out..DL

Monday, June 20, 2005

Highways, Snakes and Heart Attacks, Oh My!!

What a weekend. The most unbelievable thing happened as we started our weekend. After a long day of cleaning, packing and yard work, we headed out for Roanoke, VA to get our couples massage we so desperately deserved. As we headed north on 421, just cruising along at about 80 mph, talking about mundane regular stuff, I heard Jeff yell and felt the car swerve. I thought maybe something had flown in the window and landed on him, but when I glanced over, there was about 5 inches of a SNAKE coming out from around the steering wheel and looking right at Jeff. He pulled over and when we both looked again, he was gone. We had no idea where it was and we thought we'd both hallucinated. It had come out of where the headlights lever is. We looked everywhere and found him wrapped around the steering column in the dashboard. We popped the dashboard off and pulled him out. I was just going to throw him in the woods and go on. Jeff started scrambling for something to put him in, so the snake just laid there in the floor board, I guess just not sure where to go. Jeff comes back with my trunk toolbox and spends a good 5-6 minutes trying to get him in. After he was locked in, we popped the dash back on and got back on the road.

Jeff then decided he needed something better to put him in, so we went to the pet store at the Four Seasons Mall in Greensboro and got one of those little critter keeper boxes so he could at least have some air. Plus this way, we could look at him. He's about 2 feet long and dark gray with irregular shaped black markings. He's not poisonous, but we have no idea what kind of snake he is. I think that's the biggest reason Jeff kept him. We have no idea how the hell he got in the car, or how long he'd been there...but I had the heebie jeebies for the next hour or so. What kept getting to me was that I was going to drive!! I would've wrecked and killed us..I have no doubts about that. Jeff did an incredible job and is better in tense situations than I am. I owe him for his calm and quick thinking because like I said, I would've just freaked the hell out and wrecked trying to get away from it. I'm also glad it was still daylight outside because if it had been dark, we'd never have known it was there..until it started slithering up Jeff's arm or leg...then we surely would've wrecked.

Anyhow, even though it scared the crap out of both of us, we have a pretty cool story to tell, and the snake to prove it. He's curled up in the terrarium right now, but I think we'll release him after we figure out what kind he is. The rest of the weekend was pretty good..awesome massage, good food and some time with family. We never got to see Hannah or Ronnie & Misti, but since it was Father's Day, it's good we got more time with family. I'm still tired though...it was a long weekend. I just hope the coming weeks are even a little boring. I've had enough excitement to last me for quite awhile!!!

Whachu lookin at? Posted by Hello

I just thought I'd share a picture of one of my fish since he posed so nicely. I haven't really named either one of them..I figured "Oscar" would be too generic. He'll be going to a new tank soon, so he'll be much happier!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sad news, and a rant Jeff won't like

Jeff gave me some sad news today. Kyle and Andrea are moving to Florida to be closer to her mom. They found out a few weeks ago that she has cancer and then yesterday or so found out it was worse than they expected. I've talked to both Andrea and Kyle since then and Kyle seems to think Florida will be a permanent home since neither one of them has family here in NC. I really like Andrea's mom too, so it's sad to hear she's not doing well. Andrea said she thinks her mom is doing better than she is. From what Jeff said, the doctors aren't even talking about a cure anymore, they're just talking about managing it, which means it's too far advanced to do anything about. I hope a miracle happens and Aleta still has a long life ahead of her. If nothing else, I hope Andrea gets to spend a lot of time with her and can find some sort of strength if the worse happens. I think Andrea's a lot stronger than she thinks. All my thoughts and hopes go out to them.

Now for my rant. Sigh...I'm not even sure where to start. There's this girl, a friend of Jeff's whose name rhymes with "Fisty" who I've been having issues with. The more I deal with her, the more I wonder if I really like her. It really all started this past winter when she said I had no backbone. She said it in front of me and a room full of people. I was too tired to say anything, but it really burned me up. She was demanding that her husband go get her a hot chocolate, and not only did he not defend me, Jeff went with him. That upset me a bit, but it would have done me no good to say so. I pick my battles, so even telling her to go f*ck herself wouldn't have been worth my energy.

The way she treats her husband also really angers me. She bosses him around and is very controlling. What makes me even angrier is that he puts up with it. He can be busy and she can be doing nothing and she'll tell him to do something that she's very capable of. Or she'll tell him to go get something and makes him walk across the room to get it when she's sitting right next to it. I know they're happy and that the relationship is working fine the way it is, but it still bothers the hell out of me. I also understand that she had a screwed up childhood, but just because she had no control over her childhood is no reason to try to control everything and everyone now. She needs to control herself from controlling everything and everyone...if that makes sense.

When we go to the beach with them, I never feel relaxed because she's always yelling at the kids..granted, sometimes they really deserve it b/c her oldest daughter is just like her. I also feel like it's their vacation and we're just tagging along, even though we're paying for half of it. That's also an issue. We owe $550 for the beach house. They owe us $250 for the Star Wars trip Jeff and I paid for. We're going to D.C. next weekend and they want to subtract half of the cost of the hotel room from the $250 that they owe us. Also, they want us to take the girls for a weekend in July so they can go on a belated anniversary trip. We're doing this as a favor to them, and we're both having to take off work to do it...as well as drive halfway to pick them up. We also have to feed and entertain them the whole weekend, so to my way of thinking, they still owe us the full $250.

They also want us to pay for half the groceries at the beach. There's 5 of them and only 2 of us...so why should we pay half? All 3 kids could probably only count as 2, since they eat less, so that's 4 of them. Shouldn't we pay just 1/3 of the groceries? I never say anything b/c I know it's Jeff's best friend's wife, but I can only take so much. I think what bothered me the most about what she said, was that it's partially true. I do let people walk all over me, b/c I try to make everyone happy, even though I know it's impossible. I don't defend myself b/c I feel like it's futile...they're going to think whatever they want, regardless of what I say or do..so it'd be a waste of energy to correct them. But...it's also a waste of energy to sit here angry and fume over the fact that she said something without fully knowing who I am. I just need to get over it and move on. I need to learn how to let things go.

What scares me is that I know how vengeful and ruthless I can be..especially when I'm hurt. I just keep it buried as deep as I can because I'm ashamed of how volitile it can be..but I also have a point where if I'm pushed too far, it comes out. It's evil, malicious and ugly. It's like a coiled snake. It strikes so fast you're not even sure what just happened. You just know it came out of nowhere and hurt like hell. It even surprises me how quick it strikes. Does that make me a bad person?

I can say some down right mean and hurtful things. When I found out Jeff was smoking again and that he lied about it, I vented to Brooke and told her all the things I could say to Jeff to let him know how angry I was and how much I really hate him smoking. Brooke just got this wide eyed look and said, "Damn Dana, I'd hate to be married to you or ever get on your bad side." I'd just really hate for M to say something to me that would hurt my feelings enough to make me mad because I'm afraid I'd say something to her and embarrass Jeff. She acts all tough and bitchy, but I have no doubts that I could make her cry. I don't want anyone to know that side of me or ever have to face it, because I'd hate to face it if I were them. I'm more afraid of Jeff being mad at me than her. I'm not proud of that side of me, but I can't pretend it's not there, even though I wish it wasn't. That's why I keep such a tight reign on it. Very few know I have it and I'd like to keep it that way. Ok..rant over. Time to put it away and move on...

Thursday, June 09, 2005

First taste of Summer!!!

So, yesterday after my post, I went back to bed until I got a call from Brooke. I got up, got dressed and met her at her dad's house to go swimming. We spent all afternoon floating around the pool in floats, soaking up the sun. Ah...it was a much needed mini-vacation. Even though I wore sunscreen, my arms and forehead got pretty burnt, but not too painful. I'll be tan by Saturday. Woo!

Her dad was awesome though! He's a very down to earth, no nonsense kind of man. He won't let his kids do anything b/c he'd rather do it himself..he kept saying.."I don't have time for you kids to be messin'. All you do is mess." LOL..I thought it was pretty funny. He's just a fun guy who basically raised all 11 of his kids on his own and sacrificed a lot to give them what they needed. Everything at their house he built on his own for the most part. The additions to the house, the pond, the barn, the sheds, the walkways, the trellis's, the fences, the rock wall...it's a lot for a man to do on his own. He wouldn't even let anyone help him with the new fence he was putting up around the pool. He retired in 98 from the railroad where he worked for 30 some odd years and just piddles around the house. He still has 5 kids living at home, 2 of which are old enough to be on their own but won't. One's just started college, the other is 11 and the 3rd one is 18, but he's mentally challenged and has the mind of a 6 or 7 yr.old. He's been in a lot of trouble lately because he does stuff he knows is wrong, but can't help it. Her dad is the most hard working man I think I've ever met. I liked him instantly.

Anyway, so after swimming all afternoon, I called Jeff and Brooke called Mike and we all met up at Elois's for dinner. I think Jeff really liked Brooke's dad too. Mike didn't say much through dinner and Johnathan, the mentally challenged adopted brother kept trying to talk Jeff into playing basketball. We did end up going back over to the house for a bit, but Jeff never got to see the inside of the house. We stayed longer than intended because Brooke's dad is a bit of a talker..which I didn't know until after dinner. He was gone most of the time I was at the pool. Elois's was quite tasty if I do say so myself. Just a little diner in Bear Creek with homecooked food. Seafood, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and stuff like that. Jeff and I split a banana split that was reallllly yummy. I have a feeling we'll be going back there again! Jeff wanted to get back here to do homework, but we don't socialize enough, so I'm really glad he went. I like meeting interesting people.

Ok, well I have some errands to run, so I should get going. That way, I can come back and hide from the heat by laying around in here!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More mundane daily activities

Well...it finally feels like summer. Yesterday hit 92..and there wasn't even a breeze to cool your searing flesh...at least until the sky broke open and blessed us with some cool, refreshing rain. I had bathed the dogs earlier in the day so I was wearing my bikini..which is only reserved for when I'm sure no one will see me. When Jeff called to tell me that it was getting ready to storm, I started cleaning stuff off the deck and putting away anything that could either blow away, become projectile, or break my fish tank. I also drained all the water out of the tank since by now, I know it'll hold water and so I could bring it in the house should the storm get too bad. It started raining sometime around when I was draining the tank and trying to get the tarp closed over the shed. I was soaking wet and walked back into a cool air conditioned house..ugh. Took me a bit to get warmed back up, but cleaning the rest of the house helped. I'm sure I looked really stupid vacuuming in a bikini.

Anyhow, I had a more productive house cleaning day than any I've attempted recently. Got all the laundry done, cleaned the air purifier, vacuumed the whole house, vacuumed fur off all the couches, washed the sheets on the couch, washed the pillows and throws on the couch, mopped the kitchen floor, got the dishes put away, straightened up the den, washed the dogs, cleaned my jewelry, cleaned the guest bathroom, then I washed myself, and to top it off, even had dinner ready for when Jeff came home. Do I rock or what?

After some tv, we went to bed..where Jeff got a little wild and left me some hickies..but I'm not going to complain because.well..Jeff's just awesome. He told me that I cuddle nicely and I must say, I think the same of him. It was all I could do to let him leave for work this morning. I just wanted him to stay home so we could cuddle..and stuff..all day. I hope we'll be able to do the same tonight..if I don't go into work. Amy called last night and needs me to come in because Wayne's grandmother died..but I really just don't want to go in. I know we need the money, but I'm getting burned out. I also have a ton of errands to run today in Sanford and some bills to take care of..plus I'd like to get the rest of the house cleaned and be able to cuddle w/ Jeff again tonight. I swear...I could just kiss that man forever! I feel sorry for all the women who will never know what an incredible kisser he is. It just makes me want to melt into him. OK..thinking like this while he's not here is unproductive and makes me long for him, so I'll stop now..lol.

Nothing else has really been going on...just work. But that does remind me..we have a new officer..and he's absolutely gorgeous. He's only 22 and straight out of college, but he's just..WOW. The only problem is, he knows it..and that ruins everything. He is very nice and gentlemanly and I think he'll make a good cop, but he's just in love with himself. Eh well..at least it's some eye candy to make going into that hell hole almost worth it. He's about 6'1, dirty blond or light brown hair, blue/green eyes, tanned skin, full lips, rippling forearms and a smile that'll knock you over. He's not musclebound or anything..lean and muscular..like a runner. It's hard not to stare...like looking at the sun. You know you're not supposed to look, but you can't help it, and by the time you realize you're looking at it..your eyes have already been melted from your head. Ok, so maybe it's not exactly like that, but you get the point. Anyhow, this is enough rambling for one day..and none of it was of great importance..maybe next time it will be.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I married Wylie Coyote

So about the rest of Memorial Day Weekend...Sunday, we got the lawn mowed and Jeff worked on his boat trailer so we can get the boat to the lake. We also decided to go ahead and burn our brush pile in the back yard. Since Jeff knew we were doing this, he got out the chainsaw and cut down a pine tree at the end of the driveway that was leaning precariously over it. He also wrapped a chain around it and pulled the stump out of the ground w/ the truck. In addition to this, he cleared a couple of other little trees that were too close to the driveway and loaded it all up to be thrown in the brush pile. We had a decent pile happening, but not nearly as big as we've had them before.

To set this little story up, I must remind everyone that back in Sept. of 2003, we had a brush pile that was about 8 feet high. While I was in the kitchen, I looked out to see Jeff walking around the brush pile w/ a jar in his hand. He had poured the gasoline on the pile and was taking gun powder and making a trail out from it. ?! His plan was to light the trail of gun powder so he wouldn't have to be anywhere near it when it exploded into flames. So, just before he lit it, he looked back at the window where I stood with an expression that seemed to say.."Are you watching me? Hey..you watchin'? You gotta see this!" I bent down for just a second to put something under the sink and while doing that, I heard "BOOM!!" I jerked back up to see 10 feet of flames and Jeff beating on his legs. Apparently, he didn't take into account the wind blowing the gas fumes back around him. Freaked me the hell out, but I figured, he's standing, so he must be ok. He came to the side of the deck, where I had run out to see what happened, and that's when I really saw him. He'd been wearing sandals, so all the hair on his feet and calves were gone. His hair and eyelashes were singed. His arm hair was singed. He just stood there shaking. I tried talking him into going to the doctor, but he said he was fine. Within an hour, he had blisters forming on his feet and calves. By nightfall, the burns were a dark purple with puffy blisters. He didn't scar too badly, mostly just on his feet. So anyway..

This past Sunday, he told me he wasn't lighting the brush pile because of what happened last time. He poured the gasoline over the fire and told me to light it. I lit a dried branch w/ dead leaves and was going to throw it on the pile so we wouldn't have to be near it when it caught fire. Well, everytime I lit it and threw it on the pile, it went out before it could ignite the gas. So after 3 failed attempts, Jeff tells me to hand him the lighter and to get ready to run. He gets as far from it as he can while holding out the lighter and he inches up to the pile. He wasn't going to get any closer than he had to. Well..I'm sure you've guessed where this is leading. The fumes had been blown around us, only I was a bit farther back than he was. So, the pile burst into flames and engulfed Jeff, singing off his leg hair again. This time, it was just his right calf and it wasn't nearly as bad as last time. This time, no blisters formed and there's only a couple of small burns on the back of his calf. He's determined that he's never lighting another one, unless we get roman candles and do it from a safe distance. It left the grass slightly burnt in about a 10 ft. in diameter circle around the brush pile. I am glad he's ok, but I just can't believe he's set himself on fire..twice. He laughs about it and is hoping for some more cool scars.

The rest of Sunday was grilling hot dogs, making deviled eggs and eating quite a yummy traditional Memorial Day weekend dinner. Jeff also got the shelves put up in the bathroom. It was quite a productive weekend all in all...with the minor setback of Jeff setting himself on fire again. The only thing we didn't do is set off fireworks. I figured, with Jeff's track record, it might not be a good idea. Until next time...meep, meep!