Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tying up loose ends

This past week has been incredibly busy! I had a dentist appt, eye appt, oil change appt, septic tank maint. appt., and a ton of errands to run. I'm tired and feel like I need a few days to recover! Tuesday, the insurance company called and said they'd never heard from the well pump guy and he never brought them the well pump. Sigh...but..she said she'd talked to her supervisor and he told her to go ahead and pay us. Woo hoo! Jeff went and deposited our $1837.54 check today and will be paying the well pump guy next that will no longer be hanging over our heads. My issue at work will also be resolved soon and that won't keep hanging around like a dark cloud.

Anyhow, things are finally wrapping up. I hate loose ends and not knowing what's going to happen. It causes too much stress. After Monday, the only thing out there in front of me to tie up is doing our taxes. We've had to pay the last 2 years and I hope this year we get something back. You'd think that with almost $7,000 every year in mortgage interest that we'd get some back..but no..we keep getting screwed.

Jeff already bought our plane tickets to Aldon's wedding in Nashville in June..all we have to do is make hotel & car reservations. We're actually flying into Chattanooga b/c Skybus doesn't go to Nashville and then driving in. It's something like 2 hours or a little over...not too bad since our flight costs were $260 total for the both of us...and $100 of that was taxes and fees. Our flight home got screwed up though. Skybus has limited flight we're flying from Chattanooga to Columbus, OH on Sunday afternoon and then from Columbus to Greensboro on Monday we'll have to get a hotel up there for a night. Not much we can do about it now though. It's $40 per person to change the flights and we could probably get a hotel for $ it wouldn't really be worth it.

Two weeks before Aldon's wedding is Leslie's wedding, so we'll be driving to VA for that. We're also going to VA the first weekend of March for Natalie's 7th birthday party. Then, we're planning on going to Sunset Beach in August for a week and to Fontana Dam a couple of times this year too since we've already paid for our timeshare. Plus, several trips to Richmond after Kelly moves to help out with unpacking, decorating and to see the baby (due Sept. 19th) And..all our usual trips to Roanoke to visit family. That's a lot of weekends to board the dogs!! I hope we can afford it! Looks like a busy year so far..let's just hope nothing major goes wrong! Last year was bad enough, I don't need that stuff this year. I hope to have a new job by summer..but that may be a pipe dream. I can never find what I want or if I do, it doesn't pay enough. I'll keep looking though and keep you guys posted!

Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm so happy!!!

So after a long weekend of putting up a fence in the yard and using muscles I'd forgotten about...and after coming into work tonight when I really really just didn't want to..I got some great news tonight. My baby sister Kelly, is pregnant!! Woo hoo! I'm going to be an aunt! She said she's about 8 weeks along and goes to the Dr. Thursday to check things out and get her official due date, etc. She said she was unsure about telling everyone until she was 12 weeks, but Tim told everyone, so she did to. I'm only listing this to my preferred people b/c I didn't want to spread it farther than it needed to go until I'm certain she's ready for it to go public...but I'm so excited!!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous since Jeff and I have been trying for 5 yrs. w/o any luck, but my happiness for her and Tim completely overshadows my jealousness. Plus..this fulfills what I've said all along. When Jeff and I first started dating, I told him that every time we have a Kitts Family reunion..there's a new person there..and I was kind of kidding..but so far it's been true every year for the past 10 years at least. Whether it's a new baby or a new boyfriend..there's always someone new. This'll be Kelly's turn to bring someone new...and hopefully the year after that, it'll be my turn.

I can't wait to see her belly grow and help her pick out baby clothes and nursery stuff.....and I can't wait to spoil him/her rotten! And most of all..I can't wait to see Kelly hold them for the first time and just be able to watch her be a mom. I know I have 3 godchildren and 2 nephews already..but this is different. Maybe it's b/c this one will be a blood relative or because Kelly's closer to me than anyone else..but I'm so excited I could just burst! She'll be a great mom. I know she's worried b/c her and Tim are in the process of trying to buy a house and move to a new city and this is just one more worry added to all of that, but she's strong and will get through all this because she has to, you know?

There's a few things I find interesting though. I find it unusual that both Jeff and I will have had younger siblings that had children before us. We both always thought that b/c we were the oldest that we'd be the first to have children, but life doesn't work that way...and that's ok. I also think it's neat that Tim will have lost his own father but become one himself in a year's time. I don't just seems significant somehow. So anyhow..I just had to share my joy! I tried waiting to tell Jeff tomorrow so I could see his face, but I couldn't hold it in and I called him...hehe. Ok..back to work!! Or maybe I'll just start shopping for baby stuff....