Monday, June 27, 2005

D.C. Rocks

Yawwnnn. What a long weekend! It was awesome though. The drive up was made long b/c of all the traffic on I95 once you hit Quantico. We left our house around 8:45, dropped the dogs off and hit the road. Our only delays were the McDonald's in Sanford and the traffic on I95. The ave. speed on 95 is 85-90 mph, so you really have to pay attention. We saw a few things on the way up there that are worth mentioning. We saw a man on the side of the road who was so fat he didn't even know his pants were pulled down below his we got an eyeful of sweaty, fat crack. If only I could poke out my mind's eye!!! I also saw a fat woman on a motorcycle who only had one usable arm. The other was shrunken and deformed. That one laid in her lap while she steered the motorcycle with the other one. Jeff doesn't believe me. He thinks I'm making the whole thing up. It was a black or dark blue motorcycle and she was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. She also had a matching helmet to go w/ the bike. I know I saw her...but even when I looked back for her..I didn't see her, which didn't help my believability level.

Anyway, we got to our hotel in Rockville, MD and I took an hour nap before we had to be at Maggiano's in Bethesda by 6pm. We were there for Justin's surprise 30th B-day party and he was truly shocked to see us. Dinner was incredible!! I highly recommend the 4 cheese ravioli in pesto sauce, the creme brulle and the Parmesan garlic bread. OH, and the Caesar salad rocks too. We were absolutely stuffed. After dinner, Justin's girlfriend Sarah planned for all of us to go to Dave & Buster's. The easiest way to describe it is a giant Chuck E. Cheese for adults. A massive arcade with alcohol. You don't even have to leave the game you're playing..they bring the beer or marguerita to you...pretty sweet. I mostly watched Jeff play games but there were a few I played. We got back to the hotel around 1am and just crashed.

Sunday morning, we got up around 8 to check out and go meet Justin and Sarah. We went to an awesome little market near his apt. at 6th and Mass. and got yummies for breakfast. To die for cheese danishes and apple fritters!! Not to mention the little mini toll house cookies!! We then went to a little local coffee shop and Jeff got me the best iced chai I've ever had. We also went through a small flea market and walked through the park back to our car and headed out to sight see. It's much better seeing it when you're with a local who knows about more of the obscure out of the way memorials that no one else ever notices. Like the Einstein was really neat if you ever get to go. We went to the Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial and saw the Capitol, White House, Wash. Monument, Union Station, Embassy Row, some of the Smithsonian Museums and lots of other neat bldgs. Oh..lets don't forget the 5000 Starbucks coffee houses on just about every corner.

FDR's memorial was very interesting and beautiful. Lots of granite and waterfalls that gives his lifestory from the beginning of his presidency through WWII and the depression. Very much worth seeing. Embassy row is also something everyone needs to see. The architecture that goes into these buildings is just phenomenal. They just don't make buildings like that it anymore and it's a shame. We took a ton of pictures and then made it back to Justin's apartment which is small..but very cool and trendy. Big windows, a loft living room, hardwood floors and skylights. It needs some TLC, but I really liked had a lot of character. I really enjoyed hanging out with them and would love to go back soon to see some of the memorials at night. I think we may go back in Sept. or Oct. when the leaves are changing and it's not quite as hot.

After saying our goodbyes we got back on the road and basically hit a brick wall on I95. We just sat we got off on US1 and bypassed everything. We got gas in Woodbridge and stopped and ate at Five Guys Burgers..another yummy place to eat. For FYI...the regular TWO patties and the regular fries are massive!! So..if there's 2 of you, each of you get the little hamburger and split one thing of fries and you'll be good to go! After lunch, it was about 4pm when we headed out of Woodbridge...and we had to pick the dogs up by 6 or 7 and we knew we weren't going to make it. We called Terri and agreed that if we got there by 9pm, we'd go ahead and pick them up..if it was after 9, we'd pick them up in the morning. We busted ass and got to her place at 8:45. Shew!

When we got home, we got something quick to eat, unloaded all our pictures into the computer and then went to bed. I slept all of last night and most of today...and I'm still tired. Very well worth it in my opinion...even though my checking account is hurting pretty badly. I hope we can recover!! Ronnie and Misti didn't make it because their kids are sick..and Kyle was feeling well enough to make the trip, so it was good to see them too. I didn't know anyone else, but it was still fun. So to sum up...D.C. rocks and I had fun. =)

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