Monday, October 09, 2006

Man Flesh!

My dad told me about this over the phone since the teacher is from his hometown. How crazy is this?? His home town is so tiny, you never hear it in the news...unless it's just bad news. I got this off of

Teacher charged with disturbing corpse in century-old vault.

The Associated Press
October 06, 2006
It's not anything anyone would call school-related

A high school science teacher is charged with breaking into a century-old funeral vault, handling the remains of a corpse, and taking photographs of two students holding the bones inside the crypt.

Authorities have charged Candace Longworth, 31, of Bastian, with a felony charge of disturbing and defiling a dead person from a place of burial and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The teenagers have been charged as juveniles.

'It's not anything anyone would call school-related,' said Tazewell County Commonwealth's Attorney Dennis Lee. 'It's just bizarre.'
Longworth has been suspended from her job as a biology and earth science teacher at Rocky Gap High School in Bland County pending the outcome of the legal proceedings, according principal Robert Morehead. She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Oct. 23.

Longworth could not be reached for comment.

Lee said the Sheriff's Department began an investigation after it was contacted by the school administration when least one of the two teenage girls began showing pictures of herself inside the vault holding the bones.

The vault, which is partially below ground, is in a cemetery in Pocahontas, a town on the West Virginia border established in 1884 for 114 coal miners killed in a mine explosion.

Authorities allege the teacher and students entered the vault through a large crack. No bones appear to have been taken, Lee said.

Pocahontas Mayor Anita Brown said the town has taken steps to restore the historic cemetery. She said she was attempting to contact descendants of the person buried in the vault.

The felony charge against Longworth carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

UM.. ok..what was the teacher thinking? Dad said there were rumors that it was a civil war soldier grave and that they'd broken into it, stole his boots and put them on Ebay. Now that would've added some real spice to the if there wasn't enough. Here's another news story from

Bland County teacher charged with defiling Pocahontas grave

Richlands News-Press/Clinch Valley News
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

TAZEWELL - A Bland County high school teacher faces criminal charges in Tazewell County that she defiled a century-old grave in the Pocahontas Cemetery.Commonwealth's Attorney Dennis Lee said Candace Lee Longworth, 31, of Clear Fork Creek Road, Bastian faces a felony charge of disinterring or defiling a dead person from a vault, grave or burial place. Longworth also faces two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Lee said an investigation by Tazewell County Sheriff's Detective Tom Reid indicated that Longworth and two students visited the cemetery and found a grave that was over 100 years old which had either been opened by someone or by nature.

Lee said Longworth - a biology and earth science teacher at Rocky Gap High School - and the two youngsters entered the grave and handled the bones but didn't remove them from the cemetery. He said their actions gained attention when another teacher saw pictures of the students with the bones and reported it.

Longworth is free on bond and awaiting an Oct. 23 preliminary hearing. Neither Bland County Superintendent of Schools Don Hodock nor Rocky Gap Principal Robbie Morehead was available for comment on Longworth's status as a teacher.

Now see, that headline made it seem as if they broke into Pocahontas' grave and messed w/ her opposed to being in Pocahontas County. Misleading, if you ask me.

When Dad told me about this, I had images of people sneaking into the grave w/ black hoods and long draped coats made of human flesh. That seems morbid, but when I think of the back of the coat having hairy man nipples and a happy trail leading past a belly button on it, it makes me laugh. Alright, well I guess it's morbid that I would laugh at that, but I have a strange sense of humor. There is absolutely no point to this blog. I just wanted to share the story. I guess I should've put that at the beginning, huh? Too bad! You read this whole story and you're about 2 minutes closer to becoming a coat of flesh yourself!! Muwaaaahhhhahahahaha!!!! I hope when that time comes, no one takes pictures with your bones.

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