Saturday, July 28, 2007

Got my Nissan, screw Honda.

Well, I FINALLY got my Nissan back! After 2.5 weeks and $121, I got it back. They replaced the throttle body sensor, fuel pump and computer as well as cleaned and lubed the sunroof tracks and changed the oil. What they didn't do..was my state inspection. They had it for 16 days and didn't get that little thing done?? When I picked it up, they told me I could leave it there another day for them to do it. thanks..I'll take it to someone who won't jerk me around.

They did wash my car though..which wasn't on their list of things I asked for...but didn't clean the inside which is where all the greasy, oily hand and fingerprints were. They even got grease on my seat and refused to detail it for free. When I bought the car..they said they'd detail it and never me send out a big F YOU to Sanford Honda. I understand that Nissan's the one who did all the work..but I left the car in Honda's they should be responsible since they're the ones who sublet the work to Nissan. Am I wrong to think that? I am thankful, however, that this was a warranty fix, because if it hadn't been, I'd have paid $1400 instead of $121. Yikes.

The other thing I'm confused about is that I dropped it off with a full tank of gas and the odometer read 94511. The receipt has the end mileage listed at 94521, but when I looked at actually read 94555 and I only had a half tank of gas. Um..ok. I understand they have to test drive it, but half a tank of gas for 44 miles?? I don't think so. Honda denied any knowledge of it saying that Carolina Nissan must have been the ones to do it...but it was Honda's receipt that listed the incoming and outgoing mileage.

I feel a bit scammed..but at least my car's running and I don't have to drive the big ol' truck anymore. I was getting some flirty looks from some old grubby rednecks. Apparently there's something about a woman driving a pick up that appeals to certain men. All I was lacking was a tattoo on the back of my neck, a ponytail pulled through a Nascar hat, a wife-beater, daisy dukes, a can of Skoal and a Git-R-Done sticker. That just screams sexy, duttinit?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nissan Update

I was asked by a couple people here at work when I was getting my Nissan back and thought I'd update everyone. It turned out not to be the accelerator sensor, but the throttle body sensor. The Honda dealer I bought it from had to take it to the Nissan place to have it worked now they've had it for over a week.They told me that if the sensor didn't fix the problem that they'd have to replace the entire throttle body...which isn't covered by my warranty and would cost me $705. They also replaced the fuel pump b/c it was rattling on a cold start.

So..Wednesday, they replaced the sensor and low and behold...(drum roll please) didn't fix the problem. They think it's the computer but don't know if it'll have to be replaced or if it can be fixed..and that's the last I heard. Come Monday, it'll have been 2 weeks since I dropped it off. Even once the Honda place gets it back, they have to do an oil change and state inspection. If the throttle body has to be replaced..I'll just buy the part online and let Jeff do it. If the computer has to be replaced..well, at least that's also covered by warranty.

Some have asked me why I took it to a Honda dealer instead of straight to Nissan. Well, the stipulations in my warranty say I have to take it to the issuing dealer in order to make a claim...but it shouldn't be taking this long. I know they drag their feet on warranty fixes b/c they're not getting paid..but this sucks. On the up side, at least they can get it all fixed at one time and I only have to pay the $100 deductible one time instead of several and only have to drop it off this one time.

If I get REALLY lucky...I can go pick it up tomorrow..but that'll never happen. Karma sucks..I must've really pissed someone off up there! C'est la vie.

If it's not ready by next Wednesday at the latest..I'm tempted to just tell them to pay me for the freakin' car and I'll go somewhere else and buy a new one. to me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I've had some strange dreams this week that I can't seem to interpret. Normally, I can pull the meaning out of them and cut through the crap....but these..made no sense. The first was a dream about Jeff and I going to visit Don Knots in a nursing home and he wouldn't let us touch his sheets. He was also trying to sell us dog collars. He was lucid and talkative, but would get angry when we'd get close to the bed. He was very protective of his bedsheets. ??? No idea.

The 2nd one was today where I was a bridesmaid in my ex's wedding. I thought it strange and was trying to avoid him, but his mother insisted I go to the front of the church. She also made it known that she did not like me at all whatsoever because I kept pornographic pictures on my bedroom walls..which infuriated me since it's not true. She finally believed me and apologized for holding a grudge against me for the past 9 years.

I hid under a piano that was part of the pew and she dragged me out to force me to have a picture taken with another ex who was also a bridesmaid. What's that she wasn't one of James' ex's...but one of Kevin's..who's another ex of mine. I walked up for the picture and was crying and was afraid James would think I was upset b/c he was getting married..but it was b/c I was embarrassed about just being there since I hadn't seen him in 8 years. When I wiped my tears away, Kevin's ex and I put our arms around each other for the picture. Then..the photographer wanted a pic of us with Jame's wife.

Jeff was sitting near the front of the church and I walked up to him...and all of a sudden I looked like I was about 8 months pregnant. James and I never said a word to each other and I never even looked him in the face..I never saw his wife or anything. I asked his mom why I was even a bridesmaid and she said it was because he didn't know what else to do with me.

WTF? I hadn't thought about James in a LONG time and now this weird ass dream out of nowhere? There were several other strange dreams this week, but I don't remember them. These were the only 2 that stuck out. Maybe I'm just stressed out and my brain's being overactive while I sleep. The past couple of weeks have been stressful financially since my Nissan's still in the shop and won't be ready until next week. They'll have had it for over 2 weeks by the time I can go pick it up.

I did have a wonderful trip to the beach with Kelly this past weekend and that was relaxing. We talked all day and laughed while swimming in the ocean and pool...ate cheap but good mexican food and did some shopping. But...other than that day at the beach...things have been stressful.

Jeff had to replace the alternator in the truck and spent the weekend changing the timing belt, water pump, etc. in his Miata and kept having to go back to the parts store to get stuff..then had a radiator leak and spent Tuesday refixing some it was expensive in the end. And..since I won't have my Nissan back by this weekend, we have to take the Chevy Caprice to Roanoke and it sucks some serious gas. If you're wondering...we have 5 cars. Yes..they all run and we use 4 of them on a frequent basis. The the Audi 90 which Jeff would like to if you're interested..let me know. It has no right side headlight due to deer damage and therefore can't pass inspection, but if you want it for parts..please come haul the bitch'll be one less thing to be stressed over.

For now, I'm looking forward to a weekend in Roanoke where I can go celebrate the marital union of some friends and drink to their happiness. And there's free that's always a plus! Until next time...stay safe and keep happy.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Car Slayer

This day has SUCKED. As you all know..the accelerator sensor went out on my Nissan Friday on my way into work. This morning on my way home, the truck died on me and I had to pull off into someone's driveway because country roads don't have shoulders. The short version is that he towed the truck back to the house, I paid him and he left. Jeff spent the day putting a new alternator in it..because he's just awesome. I got no's that time of the month, my sinuses are killing I called in to work. I needed a mental health day. Tomorrow, I have to figure out how to get my Nissan to the mechanic since the gas pedal is unresponsive most of the time. I can't afford another tow truck.

I've just had the worst luck lately! Just in the past few months, it's been the septic line, the hot water heater, the refrigerator, the AC, and 2 I must have made someone pretty angry.OH..and a random thought..My grandpa had a mini-stroke last week and Mom didn't tell me. He'll be ok, but I talked to her Saturday and she didn't mention it. Grrrr.

But..on the up sister's coming down this weekend and we're going to the beach for a that'll be a much needed break and a LOT of fun!! September..we're planning a family vacation in Maggie Valley, NC which is part of the I'm really looking forward to that too. White water rafting, here I come!! Though..with my luck lately..maybe it'd be too much of a risk. Sigh. Ok..I'm off to take a much needed bubble bath and try to con Jeff into giving me a foot massage. I hope everyone's summer is going better than mine has been so far!

Friday, July 06, 2007

If you're counting, this makes # 4

If you're one of the few who has kept up with my blog, you know my AC went out last summer....again. That was the 3rd July in a row. The fan burned up every time, so the last time, we just got a bigger fan to move more air. Today, it went out again. The fourth, yes..fourth summer in 5 years that it's gone out. Only this time, it wasn't the fan. The fan was still moving and pushing air, it just wasn't cold. Now..any of you familiar with a southern summer, know it's MISERABLE. I have to sleep during the day when it's the hottest..which just wasn't happening today. It was 92 in my house when I left for work. So, I'm here for 12 hours on 1 hour of sleep.

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. As if my day wasn't already sucking, my car crapped out on my way to work. It lurched a little and the check engine light came on..and the gas pedal quit responding. As my speed kept dropping, I pulled over and tried to switch to neutral to see if i could rev the engine. I accidentally pushed it into reverse just before it rolled to a stop..and nothing happened. At all. So, I thought my engine had died..but it was still running. I turned it off and then back on and it seemed ok. I got about another mile up the road and the same thing happened, so I turned around and went home. Jeff was in Greensboro getting the part to fix our AC, so I couldn't get a ride from him or use his my happy ass drove the truck in today.

If 1 more thing had gone wrong, I was staying home because it would have done me no good to come in here. Jeff's at home now messing with my car and from what he said, it's pretty serious. UGH. This was my first..and will be the LAST Nissan I ever own. I've had soooo many problems with it and it's only a 2002. I'd sell it, but I owe what it's worth and have no money to put towards a new one. So..I'll just drive the hell out of it and laugh at it's funeral. Or..get it paid off, hang on to in a couple more years while saving money..and then get a new one. Ok..I'm going to go get in short, I love my AC...and Nissan's suck monkey butt. The End.