Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Idol Sucks!!

Is anyone else irritated that Idol is rigged?! The people who are talented and deserve to be stars are getting voted off week after week and the one who needed to go LONG ago is still there with his stupid as hell ponytail mohawk thing. How can the show go on after this season knowing that it's rigged? The good ones are going home all because Americans think it's funny to vote for the worst person up there for the entertainment value. If you're not "in the know", it's a website called Vote for the Worst.

If Sanjaya wins it, I'm boycotting FOX forever! Except for Bones. And House. Oh, and Family Guy, but other than that I don't want anything to do with FOX ever again. Let me know your thoughts on this. Maybe we can get together and like, have a protest in front of the FOX building. Or mercilessly hunt down all the Sanjaya voters with a vengeance and speak to them in harsh tones.

The Quiet Before the Storm

Ok, so everyone knows what an Aurora Borealis is, right? AKA--Northern Lights. Well, NASA is predicting a massive solar storm in the coming years..and for it to max out around 2010-2012..somewhere in there. If you're wondering what that means, let me explain. Usually when there's a solar flare, the auroras are only seen in the Alaska. With this storm, even us down here in the south..even as far as Mexico will be able to see them. They say , " It's official: Solar minimum has arrived. Sunspots have all but vanished. Solar flares are nonexistent. The sun is utterly quiet. Like the quiet before a storm." And that was reported back on March 10, 2006.

The largest one ever was documented back in 1958 and the coming one will be the 2nd largest one. So..get ready for the most intense solar maximum in fifty years!! You can check out the story on NASA's website here. Be sure to check out the phenomenal pictures of some incredible auroras by clicking on the picture. The article explains how solar flares work, how it affects us and what it all means. Regardless of what it means, we're in for one honey of a go ahead and splurge on that really nice're going to need it!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Keeping Up Appearances

I don't know how many of you like British Television, but the BBC has some great shows, one of which is Keeping Up Appearances. Hyacinth Bucket (which she insists on pronouncing "Bouquet") is a very overbearing and self involved woman who has a hen pecked husband named Richard. Her constant nagging and determination to appear upper class despite her trashy and embarrassing family has everyone in an uproar most of the time. You Tube has a bunch of clips from the show and my favorite one is this one. This is a 6 minute clip of Hyacinth getting drunk. I laughed so hard I almost peed!

Please check it out if you want some laughs! This show is just so awesome!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Driving Nemo

Yes..that's right..I'm driving Nemo. Let me explain why.....Yesterday, I was on my way to K-9 Kindercare to drop off my dogs before we left for Roanoke. I have to go across a one way bridge and then go about 3 miles down a gravel road. It was nice out, so I had my windows down for the dogs to enjoy all the scents that the country brings.

The gravel road is wide enough for 2 lanes plus shoulder space, so there's plenty of room for someone to pass you. Faith is only about 35 lbs and was just small enough to squeeze through the open window, jump out at 20 mph and bound across the road, between some hay bales and through a field. I cursed, pulled over as far as I could to the right and got out to chase her.

While I'm off trying to grab her, I heard the gravel crunching from another car coming. I paid little attention to it because I was just trying to get my hands on Faith's collar. That's when I heard the smack. I peeked around a hay bale and saw that an older gray 4 door Buick..or something similar had hit my car!!! The passenger mirror on that car hit the driver's mirror on my car and knocked it off. What's worse is that the bastards didn't even stop.

I suppose I should be thankful that it was just my mirror and not one of my other dogs heads, but it still pissed me off..especially since there was no reason for them to even get that close to my car. There was 2.5 more lanes worth of space for them to drive through!!! Sigh....anyway, I got Faith back in the car and was set on scolding her..but she just looks so pitiful and cute when she slicks her ears back.

I dropped the dogs off and came back to meet Jeff at the house and set out on the road in my little gimpy finned Nemo car. I didn't bother with a police report or telling my insurance. It'd be cheaper just to buy one from a junk yard and replace it. I hope I can do it soon so my car doesn't get jealous of all the 2 mirrored cars. It just looks so sad next to all the others. Or maybe it's like Jeff and brags about it's scars and battle wounds to all the other cars. I guess I'll never know...