Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Work Story.. tonight, we've had this woman in the hospital who's been trying to dial out using a calling card and keeps dialing 911 instead. About the 5th or 6th time, she was really upset and I finally told her I'd send help. I called hospital police to let them know and this is how the conversation went :

HP: Hospital Police.
Me: Hey, it's Campus.
HP: Hey, now.
Me: How're you guys doin'?
HP: Just havin' a blast.
Me: Counting down the hours till it's time to get off?
HP: I am.
Me: too.
HP: It's 2 hours and 18 minutes.
Me: Haha. Um, I have a woman...
HP: Heh heh..Ooooo..haha
Me:..(giggling)who's over there in the hospital, that's been trying to use her calling card and I don't know if she's on drugs and...can't
HP: Well I haven't seen her at the meetin's..
Me: Hahaha..and can't see, but she keeps calling back in here repeatedly and she's getting really upset... and so I didn't know if there was a nurse that could go by and help her dial out.
HP: Where's she at?
Me: She said..well, her name is (blank).she said she's in room 18 but this thing is showing room xx18.
HP: Let's see. Yeah...they kill me. They don't know where they're at. (blank) is in room xx18. (# )West. If she's on (#) West, that means she's probably going to die.
Me: (nervous giggle)
HP: It's like the elephant graveyard.
Me: (nervous giggle) OH, um...
HP:"Oh, well you look pretty bad, let's send you to (#) West."
Me: ..Um, Yeah, but she said she got out earlier and now she can't. We tried to explain to her how it works but she's not getting it.
HP: Ok, well I'll call (#) West and tell them to go help ol' (Blank) out or give her something to make her sleep...
Me: Ok
HP: ...cause I'm almost asleep myself.
Me: Yeah, me too..hahaha
HP: Well ya'll have fun and we'll see you later.
Me: Ok.
HP: Bye
Me: Bye.

Dude...WTF?? I wasn't sure if he was joking..or what. Extremely insensitive, but the shock of it still made me laugh. I still can't believe he said that. I wish I could remember all the other stuff he's said that made my jaw drop. He's always saying crazy stuff but he's always in a good mood. At least I know now that if they tell me they're going to put me in that wing, I'll be like.."Oh hell no you're not!" Anyway, I thought I'd share part of what I experience night after night at work..

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