Friday, May 19, 2006

A meeting with the Bob's

Most of you don't know this, but I had applied for a job with the SBI about 3 weeks ago. When I hadn't heard anything, I figured I wasn't picked. So, last Thursday while running around getting ready for Jeff's graduation...I get a phone call asking me to come in for an interview. They told me I had to take a test on the Administrative Code before the interview. So...I read the whole thing and was worried as hell over it. Turns out, it was so simple I finished it in 15 minutes.

I also tried to brush up on my interview skills since it's been awhile. I went in thinking I was prepared for it..but I was far from it. There were 3 people on the interview panel, 2 men and a woman. They wanted very specific answers that seemed to be geared towards someone already on the inside. I completely bombed one question but they were extremely impressed with another. The rest were sufficient answers, but nothing that made me stand out. it's just a waiting game. They had 39 interviews and said it'd take a month or two to let me know. I could go on for weeks thinking of stuff I should have said or should have it does no good to dwell on it. What's done is done and there's no changing it. If I don't get it..I'll be disappointed, but I'll still have Brooke. She's the only part of my job that keeps me coming in night after night. I just hope they can see through all of my bumbling answers and nervousness and think I'm right for the job.

I've been behind Jeff for the past 5 years taking a backseat position trying to help him get where he wants to be. He's come a long way. I was behind him while he was at Pizza Hut and starting school again..and I'm behind him now that he's done with his associates and has a well paying job at IBM. I consider that a huge step and a great accomplishment, so I feel that it's his turn to take the backseat while I pursue what I want to do. It just seemed to make more sense for me to stay at UNC instead of adding to the turmoil by switching jobs when he was going through a lot of transitions.'ll be my day. He's wanting to get his pilot's license and then wants to get his bachelor's...I'm just wondering where kids fit in to all of this. Maybe they don't. He has so many hobbies and spends so much time fiddling w/ computers and gadgets...I just kinda wish one of his hobbies..was me. Maybe that'll happen if I get this job with the SBI. Our hours will be the same, which will allow a lot more time together....I'm just trying not to get my hopes up. They only get crushed when they do. We'll see..(fingers crossed!)

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