Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What's up w/ all the Hollywood babies??

Have you noticed the new fad in Hollywood? It is now deemed cool to have children. They treat it the same as the newest handbag.."Oh..did you see Madonna's newest Gucci bag??? I have to have one!!!" I don't get it. All they're doing is producing a generation of snobby, spoiled rich kids. Well except Britney..she's producing rich, spoiled trailer trash which means they get to buy "organic" grits, okra and green tomatos and have blind Malasian children handknit the family's wife-beaters and camo pants. I bet they'll even have their own servants to pick tobacco from fields for their dip.

Then there's the names..Coco, Apple, Bluebell, Fallulah, Kal-el. Is that a contest too?? Who can come up with the most unusual name??

It just makes pisses me off that they're having all these children while Jeff and I have been struggling for the past 3 years. If I had their money and resources, I'd have 3 kids by now too...and I'd look hot 1 week after the birth too. Ok..I think I'm done with my

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