Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy POETS Day!!!!

Hey all!! Happy POETS Day!! For those of you who don't know what it means...POETS means...Piss On Everything Tomorrow's Saturday! Woo Hoo! Jeff's out of town and I'll miss him, but it means I get to do whatever I want whenever I want. If I want to vacuum at 3am, I can. If I want to dance naked to Atomic Dog, I can. If I want to play Karaoke Revolution at top volume, I totally can. If all the dogs in central NC cover their'll know why. Oooo..I can also lay out on the deck naked!! I need some sun..I'm kinda pasty. I also don't have to fight anyone to get online!! I love my honey....but I enjoy the alone time too. It lets me catch up on toenail painting and whatnot.

This weekend..I'm going to force myself not to think about what a shithole work has become due to a certain part time, fat dumbass who thinks he's our boss. We're fully staffed and he's not on the schedule to work..but he comes in anyway and gets paid 20 some hours of OVERTIME??? As a part-timer?? WTF?? Is that an HR issue? I'd love to complain..but I can't complain to my boss..b/c they're close friends and she wouldn't do anything. The big boss loves him I'm not sure what to do. I want his ass out of here. Even if I do get this other job, he shouldn't be in here. If I stay here..he'll make my life a living hell. He's taking it upon himself to train all of us..but half of it is wrong and I swear he just made it up. Well, that and he's not certified to train us. The other part time guy has been here longer, but he was only given 1 shift this month. The asshole..comes in and works day shift M-F but won't work nights or weekends. He's part time..he should work when they need him to, not when he wants to. When he does work nights, he leaves early even if he's scheduled all night. Bastard. Grrrrrrr...

Ok..I just needed to vent so I don't take it home w/ me!! I feel much better! Alright..back to work so I can finish and get home to enjoy my weekend!!

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