Friday, July 06, 2007

If you're counting, this makes # 4

If you're one of the few who has kept up with my blog, you know my AC went out last summer....again. That was the 3rd July in a row. The fan burned up every time, so the last time, we just got a bigger fan to move more air. Today, it went out again. The fourth, yes..fourth summer in 5 years that it's gone out. Only this time, it wasn't the fan. The fan was still moving and pushing air, it just wasn't cold. Now..any of you familiar with a southern summer, know it's MISERABLE. I have to sleep during the day when it's the hottest..which just wasn't happening today. It was 92 in my house when I left for work. So, I'm here for 12 hours on 1 hour of sleep.

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. As if my day wasn't already sucking, my car crapped out on my way to work. It lurched a little and the check engine light came on..and the gas pedal quit responding. As my speed kept dropping, I pulled over and tried to switch to neutral to see if i could rev the engine. I accidentally pushed it into reverse just before it rolled to a stop..and nothing happened. At all. So, I thought my engine had died..but it was still running. I turned it off and then back on and it seemed ok. I got about another mile up the road and the same thing happened, so I turned around and went home. Jeff was in Greensboro getting the part to fix our AC, so I couldn't get a ride from him or use his my happy ass drove the truck in today.

If 1 more thing had gone wrong, I was staying home because it would have done me no good to come in here. Jeff's at home now messing with my car and from what he said, it's pretty serious. UGH. This was my first..and will be the LAST Nissan I ever own. I've had soooo many problems with it and it's only a 2002. I'd sell it, but I owe what it's worth and have no money to put towards a new one. So..I'll just drive the hell out of it and laugh at it's funeral. Or..get it paid off, hang on to in a couple more years while saving money..and then get a new one. Ok..I'm going to go get in short, I love my AC...and Nissan's suck monkey butt. The End.