Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I've had some strange dreams this week that I can't seem to interpret. Normally, I can pull the meaning out of them and cut through the crap....but these..made no sense. The first was a dream about Jeff and I going to visit Don Knots in a nursing home and he wouldn't let us touch his sheets. He was also trying to sell us dog collars. He was lucid and talkative, but would get angry when we'd get close to the bed. He was very protective of his bedsheets. ??? No idea.

The 2nd one was today where I was a bridesmaid in my ex's wedding. I thought it strange and was trying to avoid him, but his mother insisted I go to the front of the church. She also made it known that she did not like me at all whatsoever because I kept pornographic pictures on my bedroom walls..which infuriated me since it's not true. She finally believed me and apologized for holding a grudge against me for the past 9 years.

I hid under a piano that was part of the pew and she dragged me out to force me to have a picture taken with another ex who was also a bridesmaid. What's that she wasn't one of James' ex's...but one of Kevin's..who's another ex of mine. I walked up for the picture and was crying and was afraid James would think I was upset b/c he was getting married..but it was b/c I was embarrassed about just being there since I hadn't seen him in 8 years. When I wiped my tears away, Kevin's ex and I put our arms around each other for the picture. Then..the photographer wanted a pic of us with Jame's wife.

Jeff was sitting near the front of the church and I walked up to him...and all of a sudden I looked like I was about 8 months pregnant. James and I never said a word to each other and I never even looked him in the face..I never saw his wife or anything. I asked his mom why I was even a bridesmaid and she said it was because he didn't know what else to do with me.

WTF? I hadn't thought about James in a LONG time and now this weird ass dream out of nowhere? There were several other strange dreams this week, but I don't remember them. These were the only 2 that stuck out. Maybe I'm just stressed out and my brain's being overactive while I sleep. The past couple of weeks have been stressful financially since my Nissan's still in the shop and won't be ready until next week. They'll have had it for over 2 weeks by the time I can go pick it up.

I did have a wonderful trip to the beach with Kelly this past weekend and that was relaxing. We talked all day and laughed while swimming in the ocean and pool...ate cheap but good mexican food and did some shopping. But...other than that day at the beach...things have been stressful.

Jeff had to replace the alternator in the truck and spent the weekend changing the timing belt, water pump, etc. in his Miata and kept having to go back to the parts store to get stuff..then had a radiator leak and spent Tuesday refixing some it was expensive in the end. And..since I won't have my Nissan back by this weekend, we have to take the Chevy Caprice to Roanoke and it sucks some serious gas. If you're wondering...we have 5 cars. Yes..they all run and we use 4 of them on a frequent basis. The the Audi 90 which Jeff would like to if you're interested..let me know. It has no right side headlight due to deer damage and therefore can't pass inspection, but if you want it for parts..please come haul the bitch'll be one less thing to be stressed over.

For now, I'm looking forward to a weekend in Roanoke where I can go celebrate the marital union of some friends and drink to their happiness. And there's free that's always a plus! Until next time...stay safe and keep happy.