Saturday, June 30, 2007

So long Don Herbert....

I remember getting off the school bus, running into the house, throwing my book bag and shoes on the floor so I could hurry up and get to the TV. I'd plop down on the couch with some orange juice and a big quilt and flip the TV to Nickelodeon just to watch his show. Don Herbert was fascinating to me. I learned a lot from how a bird flies and why you're taller first thing in the morning. In fact, I probably learned more from him than I did my science teachers. I found out just a few minutes ago that on June 12, 2007 Don Herbert, better known as Mr. Wizard, died from bone cancer about a month before his 90th birthday.

It's so sad that the next generation will never be able to learn from him. While his shows are apparently on DVD now, it's not the same. They won't have the anticipation as they ride the bus home. He was the only reason I'd get up early on a Saturday morning. Well, to be fair...him and Tom & Jerry. I'd always sit on the couch, usually with my sister..snuggled under a quilt my great grandmother made and we'd watch him along with the cartoons. Ah..great days and great memories.

I just wanted to take this past few minutes to honor Mr. Wizard for all the great stuff I learned from him and for all the time he put into making learning fun. You can read a small article on him here. Also, if you're interested in other celebrities that have passed on, you can go to and look them up. That's how I found out about Mr. Wizard. Sigh..It upsets me that Anna Nicole Smith has gotten soooo much press, but there wasn't any mention of Mr. Wizard on the news. How messed up is that? long Mr. will be truly missed.