Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nissan Update

I was asked by a couple people here at work when I was getting my Nissan back and thought I'd update everyone. It turned out not to be the accelerator sensor, but the throttle body sensor. The Honda dealer I bought it from had to take it to the Nissan place to have it worked now they've had it for over a week.They told me that if the sensor didn't fix the problem that they'd have to replace the entire throttle body...which isn't covered by my warranty and would cost me $705. They also replaced the fuel pump b/c it was rattling on a cold start.

So..Wednesday, they replaced the sensor and low and behold...(drum roll please) didn't fix the problem. They think it's the computer but don't know if it'll have to be replaced or if it can be fixed..and that's the last I heard. Come Monday, it'll have been 2 weeks since I dropped it off. Even once the Honda place gets it back, they have to do an oil change and state inspection. If the throttle body has to be replaced..I'll just buy the part online and let Jeff do it. If the computer has to be replaced..well, at least that's also covered by warranty.

Some have asked me why I took it to a Honda dealer instead of straight to Nissan. Well, the stipulations in my warranty say I have to take it to the issuing dealer in order to make a claim...but it shouldn't be taking this long. I know they drag their feet on warranty fixes b/c they're not getting paid..but this sucks. On the up side, at least they can get it all fixed at one time and I only have to pay the $100 deductible one time instead of several and only have to drop it off this one time.

If I get REALLY lucky...I can go pick it up tomorrow..but that'll never happen. Karma sucks..I must've really pissed someone off up there! C'est la vie.

If it's not ready by next Wednesday at the latest..I'm tempted to just tell them to pay me for the freakin' car and I'll go somewhere else and buy a new one. to me.

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