Thursday, June 14, 2007

Strange Week

Outside of the house falling's still been a strange week. We had a call about someone finding bones under a campus building...human or otherwise, we don't know yet. Today, we had a call about a woman who thinks she's possessed by the devil. They had her committed...but you know...maybe she IS possessed by the devil...why should we assume that she isn't??

Then there's been work drama surrounding a particular person who is disliked by everyone here. For the duration of this blog, I'll refer to this person as Buttface. We've wanted Buttface gone for a LONG time!!! He's a know it all who lies with every breath he takes..even when he gets caught in the lie..he denies it and blames it on someone else even though there's no logic to it. He thinks he's the greatest thing in the world and that none of the rest of us know what the hell we're doing. He's made everyone's life a living hell. He spreads lies between us trying to get us mad at each going to one person and saying that I'm saying such and such about them....when i didn't. Then telling me someone said something about me..when they didn''s ongoing.

We've also had several new people that Buttface has been training. They've been here about 2 months and one of them suddenly quit last week. Her and Buttface had been awfully chatty and friendly since he was training her, but no one really thought much of it. Well, yesterday, we happened across Buttface's Myspace page and the profile picture is of Buttface and her all cuddled up together. He's divorced w/ 2 kids..remarried a woman 8 months ago w/ 2 kids..and is having an affair with a married woman w/ an 11 month old....who was a coworker. So..she quit Wednesday the 6th and the picture was taken the 8th.

If there's any person who lacks a moral's Buttface. A person like that doesn't need to be at a police department. Oh, and his 1st marriage broke up because he was screwing around with someone at work. Will he ever learn?? We knew he'd hang himself eventually...and maybe this will be it. We'll see. Lots of drama.

Seriously stupid do you have to be to plaster that picture up on Myspace when his wife..or her husband...or all his coworkers could find it. Did he think that since she quit last week that he was out of the woods since she was no longer a "coworker"?? And he thinks we're the stupid ones?!?! It's almost like he wanted to get caught. If he doesn't get fired in here..he's definitely lost the officer position he applied for..if he gets means this entire dept is corrupt. I think he should lose both jobs.

He's an absolutely miserable human being who never has anything positive to say and sucks all the happiness out of a room. He ruins the lives of anyone who gets personally involved with him. I have no idea what happened in his life to make him the way he is, but it's sad. He blames all his problems on other people and doesn't see that he's the one causing all the problems. All the problems we have in this office...are caused by him. He has no work or at home. I feel bad for his children. I hope he doesn't spawn another generation of well, whatever he is.

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