Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ding Dong....

The Psycho's gone!!! Buttface quit yesterday! Oh glorious day! I won't get into details, but after a meeting w/ the man, he turned in his notice and walked out. Of course, he lied about a few things on his way out, but they've changed the code on the door and took his hopefully, this will be the end of it. Considering how much drama he brought in here, it seemed rather anti-climatic to be honest.

Somehow, I just feel like this isn't over and I'm a little scared. He has the type of personality that he'd want to go out with some style...just to be remembered and get attention. We looked up the traits for a narcissistic person and he fit 34 out of 36 characteristics. I can't find the original one I looked at..but here's one that does a good job of explaining it.
amoral/conscienceless authoritarian care only about appearances contemptuous critical of others cruel disappointing gift-givers don't recognize own feelings envious and competitive feel entitled flirtatious or seductive grandiose hard to have a good time with hate to live alone
..hyper-sensitive to criticism impulsive lack sense of humor naive passive pessimistic religious secretive self-contradictory stingy strange work habits unusual eating habits weird sense of time..>

If you go to the link, you can read the explanations of them all and it makes more sense. I also looked up the traits for a psychopath and's almost dead on. Scary. If you're this article which explains the different levels of psychopathy and the 20 characteristics. It's an article about a seminar Robert Hare gave. Hare is one of the top criminal psychologists in the world. There's even a quiz you can take to see if anyone you know is a psychopath! Buttface scored a 14 out of 16...but that's just from my point of view. Someone else may know him better..or not as well and get a different answer. Here's the 20 traits:

Glib and superficial charm; Grandiose sense of self-worth; Need for stimulation; Pathological lying; Conning and manipulativeness; Lack of remorse or guilt; Shallow affect; Callousness and lack of empathy; Parasitic lifestyle; Poor behavioral controls; Promiscuous sexual behavior; Early behavior problems; Lack of realistic, long-term goals; Impulsivity; Irresponsibility; Failure to accept responsibility for own actions; Many short-term marital relationships; Juvenile delinquency; Revocation of conditional release; Criminal versatility

Hmmm...makes me think we need a more discriminate hiring process. Anyhow..I hope that since the drama is gone, things will calm down...and I won't dread coming in here anymore. Maybe now, my supervisor will relax a little and enjoy her job again. It took just over a year, but we all knew he'd shoot himself in the foot eventually..and it's finally over. Shew...I'm so relieved! Granted..we have a few others leaving and after the end of July, we'll be down to 6 people and have to find 4 new ones to train...but the price of all the extra work is definitely worth not having to deal with Buttface ever again!