Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Internet Sucks I went to post an update covering the girls coming down for the weekend and what not..and when I went to submit it..I got "Page not found" and I tried to refresh and lost the whole damn message. And it was pretty lengthy and detailed and I'm too pissed off to retype it. paraphrase and recap what I wrote...

Hailey and Natalie came down and we sang, ate, went to the zoo, went to the lake, and it was a hoot! A freakin humdinger of a time! was fun, but we had some minor setbacks. Natalie never stops whining and Hailey breaks stuff and cheats and lies during games. Jeff spent a lot of time surfing Craigs List on the computer while I tried to give Natalie a bath, dry Hailey's hair and get them to bed. He also surfed Ebay instead of spending time w/ us while we watched a movie. I was a little miffed but didn't say anything at the time b/c I thought he was doing stuff for class. I hope this isn't a preview of what he'll be like when we have our own.

I was also irritated as hell b/c it turns out Ronnie and Misti didn't even go out of town...which is why I thought we were watching them...and it turns out they didn't even get to get it on b/c of "female stuff". And we also only got $50 for taking them the whole weekend. I am glad I got to spend time w/ them, but I feel like they use us so badly. I think Misti takes advantage of Jeff b/c he's Ronnie's best friend...and b/c I know they're best friends, I never say anything. When I do..he says.."but Ronnie's my best friend" I just keep my mouth shut.

Work still sucks, I'm still not pregnant and I have no money. Kelly's had mono, I haven't talked to Hannah in a LONG time and Jazz just peed on my floor...again. Maybe it's just the heat from today (105), but I'm in a pretty lousy mood. My lasagna didn't turn out like I wanted it to and I spilled a bunch on the floor..which is probably why Jazz is licking my foot. I can't think of anything else going on and I'm pretty sure I've bitched enough for one day.

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