Sunday, May 29, 2005

So long....and thanks for all the fish.

Jeff and I went fishing today!! I hadn't been fishing in I was a little anxious about how I'd do. After some difficulty casting right, I caught 3 fish! Just little tiny perch, but I was proud of myself. I actually caught 4, but the first one got away from me before I could get it out of the water. I even baited my own hook and released the fish on my own. Ok, not totally on my own, b/c twice, I couldn't get the hook out...but the point is, I touched the fish. I even had fish blood and worm juice on my shirt and didn't freak out..but I definately took a shower when I got home.

Once home, we passed out for about 3 hours and missed Pete's party..and I feel bad about that, but it was some good sleep! We need to have him over for dinner or something once we get this house cleaned up. I think Jeff's going to go to the flea market next weekend by himself, so that'll help clean up this place a bit.

Another highlight from today was dinner. Mmmmm...Jeff made london broil, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake. I was stuffed! Quite a yummy dinner! I'm so glad I married him..I have no idea what I'd have done if I'd ended up with someone who hated cooking..or expected me to do it all the time. I just don't like doing it. When I'm here alone while Jeff's in Roanoke, I subsist on PB & J sandwiches and chips. Joy. Rapture. Doesn't quite compare to london broil. Anyhow, since today was a fun day, I thought I'd share it. I have no idea what we're doing tomorrow..being Sunday. Since it's not daylight yet, I still consider right now a part of yesterday..Saturday. I woke up and couldn't go back to here I am. I had weird dreams about being out on the lake on a boat and being hit on by presidential candidate..and loser..John Kerry. We were swimming in the pool on his boat. Very strange. Anyway, it's time to try to go back to sleep. So long..and thanks for all the fish.

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