Saturday, May 28, 2005

Quote from my Checking account.."OUCH" we spend a crapload of money today. When I got off work, I went to Mike's to pick up a 75 gal. fishtank for my oscars..which wasn't totally necessary..but I got it for $50, so I couldn't pass it up. Then Jeff left to go fishing while I slept and got home right about the time I got up. I got ready and we went to Lowe's and got some shelving for the bathroom, then to Walmart to get fishing line and a lounge chair. After that we went to the feed store and got dog food, then to the pet store to get filters for my fishtank, then to eat at the little Crossroads Diner/Hershey's Ice Cream shop, then to the grocery store. Oh, and I also paid bills. Not much left from my big ass paycheck that I was so thrilled to get. We could've passed up the shelving and stuff, but it was on clearance and a hell of a deal. We got a LOT of groceries, but b/c I'm such a thrifty shopper, I only spent $102. It's just depressing to spend that much money in one day...and I didn't know until we got home that the cell phone bill hadn't been paid, but I need to call Sprint anyway b/c I think it's wrong.

But other than the money situation, Jeff and I had a great day and a lot of fun. He kept me laughing most of the time because he's so cute and goofy. Plus, the sugary lemonade had him wired. I like seeing him all excitable and goofy and happy. I feed off of other people's energy, so if he's down in the dumps, so am I. If he's happy, then so am I..usually. We don't get to spend a lot of time together while we're working, so it's nice to have him to myself for a couple of days. I should probably be in bed now since we're getting up to go fishing in the morning, but I couldn't sleep knowing the cell phone bill wasn't paid. It was stressing me out..I really need to learn how to relax! Well, and plus when I got up to go to the bathroom, I noticed one of the cat's had peed on the bathroom rug..which meant the litterbox needed to be I cleaned it. Stupid thing is electric and is supposed to clean itself..but it's apparently broken. Suck. I wish they could all be outdoor cats, but Farley's declawed, Elvis refuses to go outside at all and Lucky has a gimpy foot, so I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to defend himself. Anyone want a cat?? Three is too many for me.

Anyhow..I guess I should try to get more sleep or I'll be dragging ass later today. So, like a fat girl playing dodge ball, I'm out.

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