Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Is it really a New Year??

I can't believe it's already 2008. I wasn't so much celebrating the beginning of 2008, but the end of 2007. Thank goodness it's over! Horrible year! it really a new year? Time is a never really ends. Each day is just a continuation of the next and just because we're asleep, doesn't mean that time stops or that when the sun comes back up that it'll be better. So why do we procrastinate and keep putting things off for another day? It's not going to stop needing to be done just because you ignore it, you know? I still need to lose weight. I still need to pay off my credit cards. I still need to save money..but I keep putting it off. Why? I have no motivation. Why? If I could answer that question, I think I'd have achieved a pretty significant goal.

This year, there are a lot of things I'd like to accomplish. I'd like to lose about 50 lbs. I'd like to have about $2000 in my savings account. I'd like to learn how to speak spanish. I'd like to pay off one of my credit cards. I'd like to get pregnant and have a healthy baby. I'd like to fix all the stuff wrong with the house. I'd love to get a new job working day shift hours and have every weekend and holiday off. I'd love to finally get our fence up in the backyard. I'd love to get a tax return. I'd love to develop some kind of self discipline so I can build my savings and pay off bills. And..I'd love to see more of my friends and family. Where do I start?? How do I start? It all seems so overwhelming.

So far..I have done nothing to achieve any of those goals. I know it's only the 2nd day, but I can't get motivated. If anyone can tell me how..please..let me know! I had all these big plans for the weekend like taking a car load of stuff to the thrift shop and cleaning my carpets. I've been meaning to do that since September but haven't done it. I wanted to get my kitchen cleaned and my sheets washed. Nope. None of it happened. Jeff and I went shopping instead. Instead of saving money, we went and spent it. Granted..I took back stuff I bought on impulse and then bought stuff I really groceries, but still..we spent money. The only thing I was proud of is that we didn't eat out all weekend. I cooked every night..and that's rare!

Friday was chicken pie night with corn and green beans. Saturday was flank steak in a maple syrup, soy sauce, garlic and vinegar marinade with mashed potatoes. Sunday was fondue night..cheese and bread followed by bananas, strawberries and raspberries in chocolate fondue. I even made a gigantic breakfast Sunday too. Monday..New Year's Eve..was enchiladas and refried beans. All we did that day was go see I Am Legend and then come home and cook dinner...then waited for the new year to roll around....then off to bed around 1am. Nothing grand. Though, Jeff did fix my computer that afternoon.

If you get a chance to see
I Am should was incredible. There were a few times that I jumped and was on the edge of my seat...and there was no gore..which is a huge plus in my book...but it was also a very sad movie. I'd like to go see it again actually..but I'll wait and buy it on dvd. If you don't want a huge NOT go to tells the entire plot right through to the end.

My movie recap.....

In the year 2009, a doctor develops a genetically engineered strain of the measles virus which cured cancer. By the end of the year, the virus had killed 90% of the world's population. Another 9% were infected but still alive and 1% was completely immune. Will Smith's character, Robert Neville was one of the immune. The 9% of infected survivors degenerated into a primal state of aggression and reacted painfully to UV light..basically becoming vampires....and they hunted the 1% of completely immune people. By 2012, Robert Neville is in New York and believes he's the only remaining survivor. He is a military scientist who is doing his best to find a cure in order to save the human race. By day, he hunts and gathers food and supplies for him and his dog. By night, he seals up his apartment and tries to survive the night.

The link above takes you to the movie trailer. It averages a B- from critics..but I thought it was great. If for no other shows Will Smith shirtless doing pullups and running. Yowza! Oh..and a warning...I don't want to spoil the movie..but things happen to dogs in this movie that are very uncool and sad. That was the worst part for me. Anyway, It's based off the 1954 book I Am Legend by Richard Matheson which was based in LA instead of NY...and the end is totally different, but I still want to read it.

Alright..enough movie reviews....I just felt that it was worth one. I know where I'll be May 22nd and November 21st of this year though. Seeing Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Harry Potter: Half-blood Prince. Woo hoo! Can't wait! So..I guess those are 2 more goals I know I can accomplish this year. Another bright spot is knowing that my car will be paid of this year! Woo! That's a huge relief. I just want this year to be filled with happy things. For all the bad things that happened last year, I deserve to have a year where things go my way, you know? I'm still waiting to hear back from the insurance company in reference to our well pump and to hear from the people here at work about the stupid IA against me for venting in a blog. I hate it hanging over my head! I'll let you guys know when it's over. For now..I have to get back to work...

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