Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bill Gates owes me a blog! >=( I'd written this huge long blog on my weekend at Astronomy Days and my dinner at Tir Na Nog and our walk around the capitol in Raleigh..and wrote a little bit about some other mundane details of the past month or so.....and windows experienced an "error" and needed to close. WTF? It does this every night. So...I copied what I'd written so I could repaste it after I reopened it. Nope...completely gone. Not a trace. So..I spent an hour writing this LONG blog..and it's all gone. You know what I say? EFF it. I'm not writing all that again. It's a shame too b/c it was very well thought out and rather eloquent..and now no one will ever get to read it. Here's the summary: I got my picture taken with an astronaut ( Dr. Robert Crouch), had incredible scotch eggs at Tir Na Nog Irish Pub, got pics of the capitol building and went home.

I also mentioned in the other blog that Jeff bought a telescope, I have to put a fence up b/c my dogs were aggressive towards my neighbors and I still haven't heard about my well pump from insurance. Oh..and I have to pay out another $250 to have my septic tank maintained. Jeff's teaching a class at the community college, speaking at a conference next month and having some of his photos published in a magazine. That's the top points of my blog...but the details were what made the story..maybe I'll write them some other time when I'm not in such a pissy mood. I was in a great mood until I lost everything I wrote..all b/c Bill Gates can't build a reliable product. Sigh..such is life. Nothing's meant to go my way apparently. As Jeff says, why does everything have to suck?

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