Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Love

You know..I wasn't expected much for Christmas this year..mostly because I hate it when people spend a ton of money on me when I can't spend any on them. It just bothers me. We'd had a bad year in general..but the last couple of months were the hardest. I felt bitter and sad and was dreading the holidays because I knew we couldn't spend money on anyone. Therefore, I wasn't expecting much from anyone else.

Some friends of ours..Justin & Sarah and Kyle & Andrea..each sent us gift cards in outrageous amounts!! I wasn't expecting anything close to what they got us. On top of that, Jeff's parents spent a ton of money on each of us..separately and as a couple. We got loads of gifts plus a lot of cash. My parents gave us money as well as gifts and Mom also got me the black pea coat I've been wanting forever. I just feel overwhelmed with all the generosity I received this year. It was one of the best Christmas' I remember having...not because of the gifts or the amount they spent..but because they cared enough about us to get us all that stuff. It was a great ending to a really crappy year.

I am truly thankful for such a wonderful family and amazing friends. No matter how rough my life gets, I know they're there and I feel so lucky that they are. everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for being so generous and for bringing happiness and light into my darkest days. You guys are what get me through the day to day muck that is life. I'm so lucky to have all of you that no amount of words could express it. Thank you guys again and I hope you had an awesome New Year!

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