Friday, November 24, 2006

Through the eyes of an old man

This afternoon as I was slumbering, I had a brief supernatural and unexplained occurrance. I had what you could call a vision or an out of body experience. No joke.

As I began to drift off, the image in my head faded from the black screen of my eyelids to a quiet picturesque country road. It was mostly dirt and gravel covered by fall leaves. I was slowly traveling this road lined by trees while looking through the windshield of a car. Then I realized I was looking at my driveway. As I looked out the windshield, my glance fell upon the hands on the wheel. They weren't my hands, but those of an elderly man. He had an inexpensive silver watch on his left wrist and the cuffs of his shirt were a brown plaid and frayed from frequent wear.

As I pondered over the hands that weren't mine, I rounded the turn in the driveway and slowly made my way up the hill avoiding the potholes. My house came into view and I pulled the car up to park next to my little Nissan.

I should mention that through this whole dream, I was still lucid and aware that I was dreaming. I was conciously trying to hold the vision in my head so I wouldn't lose it, so as I parked the car, I thought.."Oh..someone's here, I'm about to have company". I opened my eyes and got out of bed. As I was dressing, there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door and there was an elderly man there, probably in his late 60's , early 70's wearing a silver watch and brown plaid shirt with frayed cuffs. He'd stopped to ask about the lot for sale next door. How long it'd been for sale, why it was being sold, if there'd been anyone looking at it, etc. He was a very sweet grandfatherly type man who was looking for a place to happily live out his years in peace.

Why I had a vision through his eyes, I'll never know. It could have been a warning that someone was coming and I was in danger, but I didn't get that feeling. Maybe I was supposed to help him or maybe he was supposed to help me, but it will be a mystery forever. Or maybe not. Maybe the reason will present itself later, but I doubt I'll recognize it by then. It was definitely an experience I'll never forget.

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