Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quickie B-day update before dinner

This will be short and I'll give all the details later! This past weekend was awesome!! I was in Myrtle Beach w/ my sisters and her friends for her Bachelorette/Birthday Party Weekend. We shopped, we ate (a lot), we drank(a lot) and laughed almost nonstop the whole weekend. Kelly loved the scrapbook we all did for her and had a great weekend too. She definitely needed to unwind and let go after the stress of planning a wedding.

I temporarily forgot it was my 30th b-day, but after we got dressed in our "clubbing" clothes and I realized I was the fattest (and oldest) one there, I got a little depressed and mourned the loss of my youth, but that was short lived. I was the designated driver that night b/c I have another kidney stone and didn't feel like alcohol would help the situation...but I was comfortable with that role. I was watching out for my baby sister..making sure her naughty bits didn't accidently get exposed to a grubby guy looking to get lucky.

There was a time when I was the one all the guys tried to grind against on the dance floor, but that time has passed and now it's my sister and her friends. It was hard seeing that at first, but I'm ok now. I've moved on to a more motherly kind of role where I'd rather take care of my sister than worry about whether men think I'm doesn't matter anymore. I have the man I want, he thinks I'm hot and that's all that matters. With that said, I'm going to go so he can take me out for my birthday dinner and then come back to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. Maybe I'll get lucky....again ; )

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