Monday, December 18, 2006

More Weirdness

If you read my earlier blog "Through the eyes of an old man" about having a strange vision/dream, this won't be too exciting. I've had some more unusual things happen in my sleep. I was dreaming the other day that I was floating on my pillow in the middle of a body of water and brushing my teeth. Yeah..I know..I said WTF too. Anyway, when I was getting ready for work later that afternoon, my toothbrush wasn't in it's holder. ?? I had no idea where it was. It turned out to be lying by the kitchen sink. Um..ok. Am I sleepwalking now? I don't remember ever getting up.

Last week, I also consciously remember getting up to use the bathroom..remember the walk in there and the walk back to bed, but I was dreaming at the same was never broken and I was able to finish it when I went back to sleep. Another unusual happening is that I've seen about 4 or 5 shooting stars in the past 3 months. Normally you'll see one every few years or so. It makes me wonder if it's all connected or if I'm just crazy.

I've been having more I guess what you'd call "psychic" episodes recently. Going to answer the phone before it rings, etc. There's been a few more instances, but as I said in my prior's late (or early) and I'm realllly tired. I'm sure I'll think of them I'll update then.

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