Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I know..I know...

Ok..so since Myspace sucked me in, I've neglected posting blogs here. They're all on my Myspace page. Most I've duplicated here. Or copied them there from here. So I'm essentially running 2 blogs, which is totally stupid. However...this page is much more accessible and goes down less often than Myspace. So..that being said, I think I'm going to continue posting blogs here and then on on Myspace, post a small notification that my blog has been updated here. That way I'm not copying and pasting all the time.

I'd also like to start printing these off and keeping a hard copy. What if the website goes down forever...that's my life that disappears. I've kept journals for years and since blogging started..it's just easier to do it online...but I'd still like to have it. It'll take forever to get them all printed, but what else have I got to do at work?? Well..back to hunting for a misplaced Christmas gift...ugh.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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