Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rusted Root, Baby

Originally posted 9-1-2006

Woo Hoo!! September 14th at the House of Blues, Baby!! I'll be there!! They're also playing at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill on the 12th, but I'll be at a conference in Wilmington. The 14th is the day I'm scheduled to come home, but we made plans around it.

So far the plans are that I'll come back from Wilmington, meet Jeff at work then leave for Myrtle Beach. We'll shop a little, have dinner and then watch the show and come home afterwards. At least I get to sleep the next day before work...Jeff will only get 3 hours before he has to get up..but it's Rusted Root!!! So worth it!!

I missed them last time b/c we didn't know about it soon enough and I couldn't get off work. Not this time!! My tickets are on the fridge and my calendar is marked!!! I'm so excited I think I may do the dance of joy!!

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