Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One Past Uranus

So I heard the other day that they've decided to out Pluto as a planet. C'est vrai! Pourquoi?? Je ne comprend pas. They said it didn't fit in with the other planets because it rotated on a more elliptical orbit instead of round, so they're saying it's not a planet. Mmmmkay...based on this theory....the little nerdy guy back in high school isn't a human....because he didn't fit in with the others. Those little nerdy guys are the ones who became astronomers, astronauts and physicists.

Poor little Pluto. They also said that other objects have been labeled planets and they took the titles away because they had no atmosphere. Um..they had just said before that comment that Pluto had an atmosphere. Ok, so the rules don't even apply to Pluot b/c it's such an outcast. That's messed up. It's been out there by itself in the cold desolate expanse of space anyway...and now it can't even call the solar system "home".'s truly alone..sniff, tear..
What acronym are they going to teach the kids now?? They can't use the old one anymore since there'll be no pizza at the end of it. Will it just stop at "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nice"? That makes no sense. " Nice what?" "Nothing..there's nothing there." Yes there is...there's Pluto!!

I vote we make Pluto a planet again, but since my vote doesn't count for crap, I vote we come up with a very cool new acronym to teach the kids on how to remember the planets. Like, Merv's Vulcan Ears Moved Jim's Servile Unicorn Nowhere. No? Any suggestions??

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