Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Port City to House of Blues!!

Originally posted 9-16-2006

I wasn't sure which catagory to put this under since I was at a work conference...but the only part worth writing about involved alcohol, so it goes under nightlife. There were some neat classes..but it got in the way of the drinking and dancing. I'm not a drinker..but if it's free..stand back people! I drank every night this week. Wednesday, I had something called a Capecod and then 16 Buttery Nipples. I'm surprised I didn't turn in to one...much to Jeff's disappointment I'm sure.

I met some awesome people and had more fun than I've had in awhile. Anyhow, Brooke, Robbin, Amy and I tore up the dance floor on Wednesday and went to bed wayyyy too late. I miraculously avoided a hangover so I was ok. We discussed skinny dipping, but figured that since our room overlooked the would many others and we didn't want to get in trouble w/ the know how it is.

We left the next morning and they dropped me off at IBM where Jeff and I turned around and headed to Myrtle Beach to see Rusted Root. We shopped a little, had seafood for dinner and then hit HOB for some rockin' music. The opening band was great, but nothing compared to RR. They sound even better live.

We danced and watched others as they twirled around to the sounds of a true jam band. It was here that I learned something Jeff has tried to explain to me for years-- Dancing has little to do with moving your ass to the exact beat of the song so that you look appealing to the opposite sex. It's all about how the music makes you feel..even if it's loosely based on the rhythm of the song. There may be a small underlying beat to the song that no one else can hear..but you FEEL it..and go with it...probably coining the phrase, "dances to different beat". You can call it hippie dancing or whatever..but it felt great to do it! I one gives a shit what you look like out'll never see them again.

They played from 10 until about 1:30 and then after our eardrums were murdered and a short walk on the beach, Jeff and I drove home and climbed into bed around 5:30am. I'm exhausted and have to work a weekend that I should have off...but it was a hell of a week and I wouldn't change a thing. Well, except I should have at least flirted with that hot guy that was there. OH..and missing my friend Eric's concert on Sunday...If you're reading this...again..I am SO sorry. I will see you guys play though! We'll be back soon! I really need to get back to work...such as it is...I can at least pretend something's going on. Hmm..maybe I can try to find that hot guy here on MySpace....

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