Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yawwnnn...Wonderful but tiring weekend

Wow....I had a great weekend! I feel like I got so much accomplished! Saturday we mowed the lawn and got the weedeater out to straighten things up. I had some issues..so Jeff and I had to switch places b/c I got really fed up w/ the weedeater. I kept losing the line. Anyway...the yard looks really nice.

Sunday, Jeff and I got up at 5am, loaded all our junk in the trunk and headed out to the Raleigh Fairgrounds for the flea market. We paid our $18, set up all our stuff and waited for the money to roll in. We were there from 8am until 4:30pm..so we were exhausted by the time we got home. We made about $160 and got rid of a lot of stuff, so I'm happy!! Jeff sold 2 of his Celebration III Star Wars Darth Vader figures for $35 a piece even though he wanted $50. The guy spent $80 though. We got rid of 2 chairs, a phone, the wicker table, a knife, a speaker, toys, a tv/radio, and a few other things I can't remember. I really wanted to get rid of the desk and the corner shelf b/c they were our 2 bulkiest items. We came home w/ them anyway and plan on dumping them at the thrift shop.

Today, I cleaned up all our extra space where the chair and all those boxes used to be. I dusted the ceiling fan in the dining room in addition to the display cabinets and curtains. The small display cabinets hadn't been dusted since we moved there 3 years ago..so they were pretty nasty. The curtains were cleaned not too long ago, but I did them again b/c the fan blew dust all over them. I put all Jeff's stuff in a pile and put the leftover boxes in a neat stack so the stuff in them can be sold on www.craigslist.com .

We also got rid of the green couch today and made $300 off of that...so that was more extra space I got to clean. I rearranged the den a little to take advantage of all the room. Oh, and I even fixed the smoke detector!! It would beep if we didn't keep a fan blowing on it...so we thought it was picking up carbon monoxide from somewhere. Either that or the battery was going dead. We replaced the battery but it kept on beeping and after so long, it sets off all the other detectors. I got so sick of it that I got a compressed air can and blew the thing out...thinking that maybe there was just dust on the sensor...and that fixed it!!! Woo hoo!! Yeah me! I did injure myself though..just scraped off a scab trying to climb into the chair. It hurt something fierce, but I lived. It still hurts though.

Overall, it was a great weekend and Jeff and I had fun together. Oh, and we also got a car loan. We refinanced his Chevy and used the equity in it to get a small loan so he can buy a commuter car. He had his eye on an Audi 5000 Quattro, but the guy sold it. Now he's looking at an Audi wagon for $400 more than he originally wanted to pay, so we're trying to figure out how to do that. I still think he'd be better off getting something smaller like a Jetta.

Another UPDATE: Lucky man is doing fine..rambunctious, but no more peeing. He's also getting along with the other cats again, so that makes me happy. Nothing else new to report for this post!!

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