Friday, August 05, 2005

My Poor Little Lucky Mustache Man....

Sniff..tear. I got my little Lucky man neutered on Wednesday because he was spraying our couch. I tried to trick him into the carrier, but it didn't work, so I ended up having to shove him in. That pissed him off, so he sprayed on the inside of the carrier and had to sit in it. It's a putrid smell I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. Ok, yes I would. Anyway, so I took him to the little mobile spay/neuter unit and dropped him off at 8:30 that morning. Around 2:30 I went to get him. He was so groggy and his little head was just bobbing around w/ his eyes half closed. I got home and gently carried him into the bathroom and left the carrier open so he could come out when he wanted to. I ended up just taking him out of it and laying him in the cat bed until he woke up. His whole back half was numb, so he couldn't move.

Later on, after the anesthesia wore off, he started seeking out Farley and Elvis to play. They both would sniff at him..then hiss, growl and run away. ?? I don't get it. As soon as they do that, he chases them b/c he wants to play. They'll keep growling and he'll just sit down and meow this long, lonely howl. It's so sad. I just want to hug him all the time!!!

I have no idea why they're so terrified of him. They won't even eat food next to him. I wonder if the neutering changed his phermones making him smell different..or if he has something on him that they don't lying in his spray on the way to the vet. I can't bathe him until he heals, but I'm so afraid they won't accept him again. I don't want my Lucky man to be an outcast.

I'm also concerned b/c he's still so swollen that he looks like he still has testicles. Is it supposed to look like that??! They apparently don't use sutures for male cats b/c the incisions are so small. I hope it heals the way it's supposed to. Anyway..My poor little Lucky man....keep him and his healing nut sacks in your thoughts...

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