Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More Beach Drama

First, let me start by saying that Jeff made a DVD of last year's beach trip and it turned out awesome!! It has a menu screen and chapters and everything..it rocked!! There's even an opening music sequence! Yeah Jeff! You rock, Gorgeous!

Alright...if you'll remember, we had money issues earlier and agreed that they would pay for all the groceries since they owed us money anyway. Then Jeff asked if it was ok for Misti's friend Ginger and her kids to come since she found her husband cheating on her. Misti thought it'd be a nice way to get her mind off her troubles. I wasn't thrilled about it, but I didn't really care as long as it didn't mess up our vacation. I needed to know how much lasagna to make, so I called to ask if she was definately coming and they didn't know. I was told to make enough in case they did come. Um, ricotta is like..$4 for one big jar. I was irritated but never said anything.

Yesterday, I find out that Ginger isn't coming b/c she wanted to bring her cheating husband with her, even though she caught him cheating on her...again..last week. We said no. That made me quite happy, but then I was told that Ronnie's parents would be coming. Um..ok..thanks for asking us first. I mean, we only paid for half the house, so why should we be told if other people are coming? What if I'd just been like.."Oh, I invited my parents to come down..hope you don't mind." ?? It would've pissed them off and been totally disrespectful. They wouldn't appreciate strangers imposing on their vacation and neither do I. It's not that I don't like his parents..they're very nice and wonderful people...but even if it was The Pope, I still would've been mad that I wasn't asked beforehand.

Misti says she asked them because his mom is having heart surgery the week after next and is afraid she won't make it b/c she "doesn't have the will to live". Plus, she didn't think they'd actually go. His mom thinks she's going to die basically and wanted to spend as much time w/ the kids as possible. It's a simple heart cath..she won't die. So, how can I tell a woman who's having heart surgery that I'd rather them not be there? I can't. So I just have to get over it.

Also, Misti said she'd probably cook one night and help out with groceries. The only reason that makes me mad is b/c it gets them out of paying us the debt they owe us. It's not about the money..it's the principle of not taking the responsibility of paying the debt. Dad said that as long as I get to eat free for a week, that I shouldn't care who paid for it...and his parents are only staying till Tuesday morning. It's just that every year I feel like this is their vacation and we're just tagging along. I paid for half that damn house and it's our vacation too, we should be allowed to invite whoever the hell we please.

I feel bad b/c Jeff is stuck in the middle, but I don't know what to do. I've said it before and I'll state it again now for the record....I AM NOT GOING TO THE BEACH WITH THEM AGAIN NEXT YEAR. The first year, we only had to pay for 1/3 of the groceries, but we had to stay in a bedroom w/ Justin. Misti said before we went that she'd like us to leave midweek so they could have "family time" and then changed the plans without telling us....so Justin got to stay there the whole week and we went to a shitty hotel for 3 nights. Oh..and while we were there...had to sleep on the floor one night b/c Misti's mom and her boyfriend needed the bedroom for the night before they left.

The 2nd year..last year..wasn't too bad, but we still had to pay 1/3 of the groceries even though there's 5 of them and only 2 of us. Justin's the one who got really screwed b/c he paid 1/3 and it was just him. This year...sigh...well, just read the posts. The whole thing is stressing me out and no one should be stressing over vacation...they should be looking forward to it. Part of me is glad just to get the hell away from here. Another part is just dreading to go. If anything pisses me off this week, I'm just leaving and going down to Kelly's to stay for the rest of the week. I only get 1 vacation a year and I want to enjoy it...especially since I paid for it.

Sigh...I just have too much drama already in my life...I don't need to deal with any more.

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