Sunday, April 29, 2007

A flea market anniversary

You ever have days where an unexpected surprise just makes your whole day? This was another great weekend as Jeff and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. There wasn't a big to do over it, but we had a lot of fun none the less. We hadn't been to the flea market at the Raleigh Fair Grounds in a long time, so we decided to go. We took our time riding around in Jeff's convertible enjoying the gorgeous weather on our way there. We spent the day looking at all the trinkets and watching people. I got to see the most beautiful colored pitbull in the world. He was a tri-colored blue fawn with the most gorgeous blue eyes! And such a sweetie!! We also got to see the toy show and taste free food samples...ah..yummy.

Anyway, we spent most of the day there and upon leaving and trying to decide what to do for dinner, Jeff drove to RDU because he'd heard about a new observation area they'd built. The observation deck overlooked the runway and had speakers so you could hear what was going on in the tower. There was also a playground area for the kids with a sandbox as well as picnic tables. We stayed for quite awhile watching planes land and take off. Jeff is an aviation fanatic, so I wasn't at all surprised that he wanted to come to RDU. After an hour or so, we thought we'd go see what the other observation area looked like and see if we could get some dinner. There's a cafe in the General Aviation building, but it was we just watched the planes on that side.

It turns out, this area overlooked the other runway where all the executive and private planes are parked. Jeff noticed a caravan of cars waiting off to the side and we wondered who they were waiting on. We watched a rather expensive plane land and taxi into the parking area. About this time, the caravan pulled up to park next to the plane. We waited a few minutes and I'll be damned if Kid Rock didn't get out of the plane with his entourage! We snapped a few pictures but didn't get a clear one of his girlfriend. I was kind of hoping it was someone else, that way I could sell it to a tabloid for money...but it looks like her from picture comparisons. Dang.
Anyhow..once he noticed us taking pics, he turned his back on us and got in the car. We were trying to figure out why he was in Raleigh, but apparently he's really good friends with the son of the owner of the Hurricanes and comes in all the time. This was according to the front desk guy, which means maybe we need to hang out at RDU more often! That was our unsuspected surprise for the day which preceded dinner at Johnny Carino's. Oh, and I also put some pics up in my "My Photos" folder of Kid Rock.

Today, we detailed Jeff's Miata and made a trip to Cary to go to Target. We detoured for a country drive which led us to the American Tobacco Trail and the Hope Valley Railway. I had no idea any of that was near me, so that was very cool. For $9, you can ride the train on the 1st Sunday of every month. I have no idea where it goes or how long the ride is, but it's still neat. It's been a tiring weekend, but a lot of fun since Jeff and I got to spend some uninterrupted time together and experience new things. I love stuff like that! The next few weekends are full of college graduations and then a trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg with some friends...including Lou who's coming over from Switzerland to visit! I can't wait!! They're opening up their new coaster..the Griffon! Woo hoo! If I live..I'll tell you about it!