Friday, April 27, 2007

Demolish aNorris Hall???

There's been buzz about whether VT should demolish Norris Hall after the massacre that took place on April 16th. I know they've decided not to reopen it next semester, but to demolish it?? I don't know. That's a huge expense to undertake just because of a sociopath's actions. It's almost like admitting defeat. I personally wouldn't want to have class in there after what happened. Even if they turned it into an office building, would you want an office in a room where you know people were brutally gunned down?

At first, I thought..they could tear it down and build a new building. Then, they could name it after the professors who died...but..that wouldn't work out. The name would have to be a combination of Librescu Granata Loganathan Bishop Courture-Novak Hall. Ugh.'s my NEW thoughts. Close down the building and completely renovate it. Leave the outside structure and basically gut the inside so that it has a totally different look and feel when it's done. The lobby can be a memorial area with information and pictures of those who were killed. Or build an atrium on to the front of the building to house the memorial...or create some kind of courtyard area. They can call it New Norris Hall...or something like that.

Those are just my current ideas...I may come up with more later, but I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on what they should do!