Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rainy weekend in Richmond

Hello all! I passed my kidney stone late Friday night, so I'm feeling A-Ok! Still have to pay a visit to urology at some point, but I am no longer praying for death and am looking forward to mine and Jeff's 5 yr. anniversary this weekend. So...onto the reason for my post...

Since I passed the stone, I was able to go with Jeff to Richmond to pick up those chairs. I was still groggy from the drugs, but was mostly awake for the trip up there. We picked up the chairs, had lunch at Wendy's and then drove around. We found ourselves down by the riverwalk at a Farmer's Market where booths were set up to purchase the wares of the local folk. Even with the buckets of rain, it was rather quaint and homey. We then tried to find the Edgar Allen Poe Museum and followed the signs..only to end up nowhere. Instead, we went to the Museum of the Confederacy at the VCU Hospital. There was one uniform that had a bullet hole through the chest w/ a ring of blood around it. It amazed me that a person was killed in those clothes over a hundred years ago. Anyhow, if you get a chance to see it, it's very intriguing.

After the museum, we decided to eat at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse off the Midlothian Pkwy. We'd both heard stellar things about it but had never had the opportunity to go, so we thought we'd try it out. It was incredible...the steak melted in your mouth. It was insanely expensive..$140...but we've spent more at other places before, like Four Seasons and Angus Barn. Ruth's Chris was easily in the top 5 best meals I've ever had...and you should try Magic Hat beer if you ever get the chance!! I'm not a beer person, but damn..that was tasty. It tastes like an ale, but has a raspberry aftertaste.

After dinner, we piddled around at a boat store and got lost in the section of Richmond you hope you never see. I slept most of the way home, so I had enough energy to pick up my car at work and drive it home. It'd been sitting there since I went to the ER Tuesday. We got home around 2am and just crashed.

Sunday, I gave Jeff money for his birthday and he went to the Raleigh Hamfest and spent it. He also got a biminy top for the boat for $20! Woo hoo! We'll have some shade now! Now all he has to do is get another seat, make some minor repairs and we'll have her in the water soon. I can't wait! I have no idea what our anniversary plans are. Jeff has to get his class project done and then he has exams coming up. His graduation is May 11th, but he may not go b/c his parents said they couldn't make it...so it'd just be me cheering for him.

We may just have an anniversary/graduation celebration in the form of a trip at the end of May...but we'll see how money's holding up by then. We had to pay in taxes this year and it really hurt. Oh well..we'll get through it like we do everything else! I'm not too stressed. Ok..enough for now..I get to go home and leave this little room that feels like it might as well be on the surface of the sun. ......that reminds me..my genius of a husband fixed our AC last night. God bless him! AC was the best invention ever. Next to bananahammocks.

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