Monday, January 16, 2006

Yeah..Happy MLK Day or whatever..

I agree that MLK Jr. is important to remember, but damn...give it a rest already. He's not a God. Every town in every state in this whole country has a road or highway named after him. There's statues of him and people get a paid holiday in his honor. Cool...but aren't there other people who should be remembered? How come Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman don't get honored? There are plenty of other people who need to be remembered. FDR, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, Abe Lincoln...etc. So MLK Jr. made a speech and changed our culture. So did FDR. You know how we honor Washington and Lincoln?? Mattress sales. OH!! Jubilation!! Thanks Abe for freeing all the slaves so I could get a pillow top queen set for 20% off!!

I just think MLK has been honored plenty and I don't need people trying to make me feel guilty for not celebrating it. I do get holiday pay for today that's something to celebrate. Alright..I've given today all the acknowledgement and attention it's going to get from Happy MLK Day or whatever...

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