Monday, July 21, 2008

Joy and Sorrow

This past weekend was a wash of emotions. Kelly's baby shower was awesome! After months and months of planning, it finally paid off. We had 22 people, bbq, slaw, cake, fruit, cheese, veggies, meat, macaroni salad, tea, lemonade and made for a great Saturday afternoon. Kelly got a TON of gifts and I also got to feel my little neice move around quite a bit. I even got to feel her hiccups! It was so amazing and I was so happy to spend time with Kelly! April did a fantastic job in helping me!! She made a diaper cake for Kelly and really went above and beyond anything I ever asked her to do. She's just an awesome person. She needs to be a party She's very creative, thoughtful and organized..I just owe her big time! Even Kelly surprised us with thank you gifts! I also need to mention how absolutely cute my sister is with her little belly! Adorable!!! I couldn't stop hugging her and rubbing the baby bump! It was just smiles all around for the baby shower!

However..even in times of happiness, there's sorrow. I found out last Thursday that my dad's older brother Wayne was severely burned in a house fire. He's in critical but stable condition at UVA Hospital. Wednesday night, a fire started in the laundry room due to an electrical problem. The fire ignited the fireworks that were stored in there and that's what woke them up. My uncle went to check out the sound and opened the laundry room door which caused a sudden flash. My Aunt Mary heard him scream, "I'm burning! I'm burning!" and kept talking to him and telling him to come back to the bedroom. He tried to open the front door but couldn't so he went back to the bedroom where him and Mary tried to get out the window. They couldn't get the AC unit out and had to break the upper portion with a lamp and climb out.

Mary put a pillow on the jagged glass and Wayne went first, but he fell and cut his legs on the glass below. They went next door to call 911 and the fireman said that based on the size of that window and the fury of the was a miracle they made it out. My uncle Wayne apparently put his hands up to block his face so his hands, arms and face are covered in 3rd degree burns. His T-shirt also caught on fire, so his back is severely burned also. His left eye is also badly burned and it's highly likely he'll never see out of it again. Also..apparently Lynchburg General tried to start an IV and hit an artery instead. Jeff said he thinks maybe they were trying to start an arterial line and messed up. Anyway, they said his artery looks weak and they want to put in a stint..but don't have any to fit it. It's formed a clot, so they've had to put in a filter to keep it from going into his lungs.

They've still been vacuuming soot out of his lungs and inserted a feeding tube on Sunday. Monday is when they wanted to start skin grafts and are already doing physical therapy with his hands. He's heavily sedated obviously, but he'll be in their burn unit for about 6 to 8 weeks. He still can't breath on his own and is on a ventilator, but he can nod his head yes and no. My dad's been a complete wreck since then. Not only does Wayne have a long painful road ahead, but they have no where to live. The house was gutted. Strangely enough...his gun cabinet where he also stored his ammo..and her purse were untouched. The couch and tv were melted blobs.

I feel that even through this tragedy, God was working a miracle. If it hadn't been for those fireworks, they would've burned up inside that house while sleeping. The smoke detector never went was the fireworks that woke them. Also, if he'd been able to open that front door, it would've only fueled the fire and formed a backdraft..basically exploding. God was watching them. The ammo wasn't set off and her purse..with their insurance information..was spared. I'm just so happy they were able to make it out of that house. Horrible as it is, it could have been soooo much worse. It's hard to see my dad so upset.

My cousin Lauren works as a nurse at UVA, so at least she's there to check on him and be a comfort to him. It's at least one familiar face when he's somewhat coherent. My aunt Mary and their familes are there too. Anyhow..I just wanted to let all you guys know what was going on and to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers...for good times like Kelly's little bundle of joy...and for bad times like my uncle Wayne's burns. It would mean a lot.