Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update on Grandma

Grandma's been in her new place for just over a week now. Mom said dropping her off last Monday was the hardest thing she's ever had to do. Grandma cried and begged her not to leave her there and promised she'd "be as good as she knows how to be" if they let her go home. She also got all upset over her parents death and said no one told her they were dead...and that happened 30 years ago. God...it's just heart breaking. Kelly sent her flowers from the both of us and she couldn't remember who they were from. When Mom asked her why she put the washcloth in the oven a few weeks ago, she told her, " Mommy told me to do it."

When Mom went to visit her, she said Grandma smelled like urine. They're paying for incontinence care, but no one bothered to check to make sure she was wearing her Depends or that she was clean, so she'd just been going and then washing out her clothes in the sink. My fear is that they're not taking care of her. Her memory is gone and she needs constant reminders to do simple daily stuff..like eat or take a shower. Grandpa is taking it hard too. Apparently after Mom told him about her crying over being left there, he started crying. My grandpa has NEVER shown any kind of weakness. He spent 18 years in the military, fought in WWII and Korea, and was a coal miner after that. He's always been more of a tough love kind of guy and is rough around the edges. It killed me to hear that he cried.

Mom sounded exhausted when we talked and I can't blame her. Most of my thoughts revolve around this whole situation and it makes me tired...I can't imagine how she feels. Today, Mom said Grandma seemed well and was making some friends so that's good at least. Physically, Grandma's great. I wish I could say the same for her mental state. I'll be able to see her this weekend, so I'll be able to say more then. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on. Please keep my family in your prayers. Thanks.