Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Idol Sucks!!

Is anyone else irritated that Idol is rigged?! The people who are talented and deserve to be stars are getting voted off week after week and the one who needed to go LONG ago is still there with his stupid as hell ponytail mohawk thing. How can the show go on after this season knowing that it's rigged? The good ones are going home all because Americans think it's funny to vote for the worst person up there for the entertainment value. If you're not "in the know", it's a website called Vote for the Worst.

If Sanjaya wins it, I'm boycotting FOX forever! Except for Bones. And House. Oh, and Family Guy, but other than that I don't want anything to do with FOX ever again. Let me know your thoughts on this. Maybe we can get together and like, have a protest in front of the FOX building. Or mercilessly hunt down all the Sanjaya voters with a vengeance and speak to them in harsh tones.


Thoolu said...

I vote for Sanjaya, want to hunt me down with a vengence and yell at me, here is my address. No 12 Sudder Street
West Bengal 700016.

Dana said...

OH MY GOD people! This is what's wrong with the world today. People take stuff too seriously. Does no one understand sarcasm?? I had no intention of hunting anyone down. IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE! Much like the show, but I still watch it. Maybe I should have left a smiley face after my comment, but damn, I had no idea anyone would take it so seriously.

So we have a difference of opinions...LET IT GO...I do. I don't care that you vote for Sanjaya. Vote for him 3,000 times a night if you want, but I still don't think he deserves to win. Since you left your comment, Thoolu, maybe someone should hunt you down...because you're an idiot.