Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Illegal Parking = FELONY + Ruined Life

Ok..so the past few days have been rather interesting here at work. This student is going to be expelled and charged with a felony for parking where he wasn't supposed to. Extreme, right? Wait till you hear the rest.

This 22 yr. old I'll call "Bob" had his high end expensive car towed last Tuesday b/c he parked where he wasn't supposed to. He'd had multiple parking citations and tows before, so they towed him again for being a habitual offender. Since he'd been towed in the past, Bob went out to our car compound and slipped between the post and the fence to retrieve some items from his vehicle and then left. While he was there, he checked out the rest of the facility.

Fast forward to Saturday. We got an alarm around 2am at the compound. The Lt. went to check it out and found everything secure. An hour later, we got another alarm..again, everything secure. Sunday morning, dayshift went to let in the tow truck driver to pick up a different vehicle and he notices that the Mercedes wasn't there and had been the day before. You can see where I'm going with this, right? So..after some tracking, they call Bob. Bob claims the car was never towed and it's been in his possession the whole time. Uh huh.

Eventually, Bob admitted he went back Saturday, slipped between the post and the fence, cut a link out to remove the lock and drove the car back to his parents house in Raleigh. This was the first alarm we got. The reason it looked secure was because he'd bought a duplicate lock to replace ours with..so no one even knew the difference until they tried to open it Sunday morning. Clever little bastard. It's like MacGyver gone bad.

The officer told him he'd charge him with a misdemeanor trespassing and property damage if he'd sign a statement saying what happened. Bob's supposed to come tomorrow to take care of the tow fees and such. Well, Bob's dad didn't have a clue what was going on. Today, the Lt. called Dad to make sure the car was where Bob said it was. Bob picked up the phone and kept clicking so they couldn't talk and was yelling about how it was his business, blah blah blah. Sooo..Bob got busted by Dad and then called us threatening to sue for invading his privacy. But, what he'd done was stolen a car and delivered it to his dad, which puts him in possession of stolen property.

The Lt. then called the Capt. and told him what was going on and the Capt decided he wanted him charged with a felony for stealing the car. The Dean of Students has also already started proceedings to have him expelled. Even if he wasn't expelled, the program he's in won't allow him to get his license to practice if he even has a misdemeanor on his record....so he's completely screwed himself over just having his car towed. He should've just paid for the tow and be done w/ it. He only owed $260 total. That includes current and past fees. Also, another reason it was towed was because it had Ontario, Canada plates on the car that had expired back in 1994. ?? They also found multiple other plates in his veh that he apparently used as swap outs....thinking they wouldn't be tracable to him. They weren't stolen, so I guess he bought them online somewhere.

All this started because he refused to park where he was allowed to and decided to continually park in reserved spaces. What a dumbass! Dude, grow up and take responsibility for your actions! It is not OUR fault that YOU screwed up. You ruined your own life, we had nothing to do w/ it. We just did our job, that's all. Go cry to daddy. Oh wait, you can't...because he won't hear it either.

Anyway..I just thought I'd share a work story since it's so nice to report someone else's drama for once!! Doesn't it suck for Bob though!! Ok..back to work!!

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