Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A rant on what irritates me...

Originally posted on June 21, 2006:

Here's my list of things that make me just grind my teeth together in irritation...

People who make mouth noises...slurping, smacking, sucking..whatever..it's just gross

I hate it when people don't move over for ambulances. How do you know they're not going to save someone close to you, like a mom, daughter, husband or best friend??

I hate it when people see an officer on a traffic stop and don't move into the other lane to go around!! Hey!! It's called courtesy and safety. Try it sometime.

I also reallly hate it when people see an officer on a traffic stop and go up to them and ask for directions. OMG..how stupid!! They have no idea what that officer is dealing with and they want to interrupt?!? A routine traffic stop can turn into a nightmare in half a second. PLEASE wait until they're done to ask for directions!

People..and I mean family here...who leave the bathroom door open and the light off while they pee..and then act all offended and taken aback when you walk in on them. Close the damn door!!!

People/family who walk in on you while you're in the bathroom after you've closed the door and the light is on. Um..pay attention!! KNOCK.The door is closed for a reason!

Idiots who speed past you, cut you off...only to slam on their breaks to turn into their driveway...making me have to stop. Where's the sense in that?? Not everybody has to stop just because you are, butthole.

Leaving the kitchen cabinet doors open. It's just as easy to close them people!

People who don't put things up after using them...especially when they had to walk right by where it goes to get where they're going.

People who don't clean up their own messes. I came in to work awhile back and someone had left lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and cheese laying out on the table. The mustard was dribbled all over the counter and the cheese wrappers were all over the place. WTF?? I can't imagine what these people's houses look like! Oh..then..they got mad at me when I threw it all out. I ain't yo mama!

The sticky things they put on DVD cases for security. Ok, so they're wrapped in plastic..then they have the sticky tape crap on all 3 sides...all I want is to watch the stupid movie!!!! Isn't the plastic enough??

Midol wrapped in those individual, childproof plastic things. That is NOT the time of month I want to be trying to break into pain meds! Even scissors barely work! I'd rather take the scissors and stab the person who decided on the packaging !

The Valley View Mall in Roanoke, VA. Who the hell was the genius who designed that place!?! 3 ways in and only 1 way out. The city even has a totally separate evacuation plan for that place. It's a freaking nightmare! Raleigh's got it going on though..they have parking decks that connect to each level of the mall..pretty sweet. I avoid VV as much as possible.

Walmart in general. I hate them. They have just about everything you would want, but nothing you actually need. They're always out of whatever it is when you go. And they're open 24 hrs..only to block every aisle w/ boxes so you can't get to anything you need when you go in at 3am. Sometimes..migraines won't wait until daylight.

I hate it when men pee all over the floor in front of the toilet. I sat down here at work and didn't notice the floor until afterwards. I thought..if that's on the floor..what the hell did I just sit in?!!
When I come into work early to relieve day shift...and then they don't bother coming in until the last minute. What's that all about? That puts me working for like..12 and a half hours. Screw that! When 0615 rolls around..I want to peel outta here and get the hell home!

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