Friday, March 17, 2006

Damn liars!!!

Anyone else notice the gas prices lately??! If you haven't, I'm shocked. I paid $2.68 for regular unleaded today!!! WTF?! I seem to remember last year when we were told that the gas prices were temporary because of the hurricanes. Um..what's their excuse now??? They just wanted to be buttholes? They needed to go shopping b/c their diamond shoes were too tight??? I know gas prices always go up in Spring b/c travel season is coming up, but jumped about .25 a gallon here. There was a news clip last night talking about E 85 and how ethanol is here to stay, blah blah blah...but what they didn't mention was that for them to produce enough of it for everyone's cars to run off it, 95% of the US's landmass would have to be planted in corn. Not gonna happen.

Biodiesel's a great idea and all, but if your car runs off it, it can't run off anything least from what I've read about it. So, you can't go on long trips unless you're planning on hauling your fuel around with you. Well, that..and you smell like McDonald's french fries driving down the road. If there weren't so many damn wrecks..I'd say nuclear fuel would be the way to go...but I shudder to think how many spills we'd have to clean up b/c of the wrecks. And also...the expense of providing every police officer, firefighter and paramedic w/ radioactive suits, training and geiger counters.

There has to be another way to fuel them run off CO2 and produce oxygen....or run off water and produce oxygen...Or off urine. You'd just pee in a container in the house and then go pour it in the car. If you have to pee while on the road..great!! Just fill up at the same time! It's not a sound theory yet..b/c if you drank a lot of water, it'd be diluted. The whole point is that there HAS to be a solution to our fuel problem....a way to make it run off something that we never have to worry about there being a shortage of. Here's a list of things that we never have to worry about there being a shortage of. Grass, carbon dioxide, leaves, wood, vegetables, urine, feces, dead bodies, stupidity, trash, um....that's all I can think of right now since I'm preoccupied with my stomach growling...but you get the point.

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